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Holistic Healing

The key to my practice is the holistic approach I use during all the treatments. This means considering the whole person, even when just treating a part. The area you feel is in need of healing might be emotional, psychological or physical, but remember that we’re one – the body, mind and soul are all connected. By looking at your energy as a whole we can reach lasting effects and heal you on all energetic planes.

As an example, you might have back pain and think that a massage is the right treatment. Massage will help unblock energy on the physical plane, but we have to look at the root of the problem and prevent it from appearing again. This energy block could be both mental and spiritual, representing issues from the past. It could have its roots from your childhood or before you were even born.

Distant Healing

Hectic lifestyle? Living far away from my studio? Don’t worry, I can help you regardless. Distant healing works perfectly fine with Reiki and Theta Healing and it can be done via Messanger, Whatsapp or Skype.

Obviously in the great scheme of our physical world, everything has to be done in person (such as massage for instance), but both Reiki and Theta Healing focus their work on the energetic plane of the person. Energy can for sure effect our body and health, but it is definetely not touchable or limited by distance, which is a physical limitation only. And that is why these techniques work and make us reach the same positive results remotly as well as in person.

About Laura

I’m an holistic therapist and certified ThetaHealer, trained also in Reiki, Massage with gua sha, cupping and moxibustion, and Past life regression using crystals. I have spent time in China to learn few massage techniques and I hold degrees and certificates from Italy as well as the UK.

I always had a special connection and curiosity with the spiritual world and have gradually built a passion for natural remedies and energy.

Although I’m a professional nurse and trained in Western medicine, I’ve realised that my true calling in life is to help people find balance and harmony through an holistic combination of Eastern medicine and energetic healing.

In 2018 I opened up the doors to my holistic healing studio, which I’m running from the beautiful seaside town of Brighton & Hove.

The key to my practice is the holistic approachtreating the whole energy by dealing with a part. Infact, I offer a variety of tailored methods of treatment, considering your personal condition and beliefs. Treatments can be distant or in person, but all of them will provide benefits and life-changing results.


Dear Abundy's supporters and friends, It is with sadness that I have to announce the temporarily closure of Abundy Studio due to unexpected circumstances. During this time you can stay tuned and read the Abundy blog, but all the treatments will be suspended until further notice. Hopefully we won't stay close for long! Thank you for your understanding and support. With Love and Gratitude.