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Fight PMS with Natural Remedies

If you are a woman and you are part of the 80% of female population that experience PMS, you know how those days of the month can be particularly annoying. You might face a wide range of symptoms from mild ones like bloating, breast tenderness, changes in appetite, fatigue, moodiness, to pretty intense ones such as vomit, cramps, migraine, heavy bleeding, anxiety and depression. Even though it’s appealing to seek medical treatment, especially if your symptoms are severe, it is worth considering a more natural approach and give it a try.

Change diet

It’s alway a good idea, but particularly during PMS, to try to eat smaller portions and reduce your salt intake to reduce bloating and water retention. Add more fruits and veggie (especially artichokes!) to your diet and eliminate complex carbs, sugar and alchol.

Don’t worry, mood is important as well, so a tiny bit of ice cream or chocolate won’t kill you!


Regardless of PMS, doing moderate exercise routinely is a good lifestyle choice, but can become very beneficial before or during your period. Even small exercises like walking, swimming or running release endorphins like dopamine and serotonin (chemical messengers that can boost mood) and have positive benefits on energy and sleep.


It’s always important to consult your healthcare provider before you start taking any herbal remedy. But if you have a green light, you should definetely try some of these: chaste tree berry, primrose oil (for cramps and breast tenderness), gingko biloba (for mood swings), dandelion (for bloating).


If you manage to leave the chocolate on the side and step from your pijama to the yoga mat, you will find these yoga positions really helpful against bloatness and cramps. Yoga can also improve your mood and sleep quality and overall reduce your stress level.

  • Cobra: opens the heart, which can emotionally struggle, and distends the abdominal organs.
  • Bow pose: increases blood flow and stimulates the regular activity of internal organs.
  • Forward fold: one of the most relaxing poses! It also helps opening the hips.
  • Bridge: calms down a stressed mind and stimulates pelvic and abdominal organs.
  • Seated twist: massages and increases circulation and lubrication of internal organs.

Massage and TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine views PMS as a variety of different possible imbalances of several organs that are all linked togheter. Various treatments and techniques (like herbs, massage, acupuncture, moxa, etc.) aim to remove energy blockages, rebalance hormonal fluctuations and repristinate optimum balance.

Acupuncture provides relief by stimulatting the body’s natural healing mechanisms and by treating the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms. For instance, it seems to be able to reduce inflammation and works on the mind, which can help to alleviate the stress and mood swings.

Massage therapy can help relieve the bloat and water retention by increasing the circulation and helping with drainage. This allows the body to regain its natural water balance faster and reduce the puffy, bloating feeling. Allow your therapist to suggest which massage would be better for you: you might just need a bit of feet reflexology to detox and calm you down!

Among all the other things, don’t forget to get plenty of good quality sleep and find some ways to manage your stress level (like meditation, doing something creative, stay in contact with nature, etc.). With these tips you can only improve your PMS and make yourself go through those days of the months a bit more smoothly.

7 Planes of Existence

The concept of “planes of existence” comes from the shamanic and mythological traditional idea that the world is structured on a vertical axis. This could be for example similar to a mountain or a tree divided in floors or areas, each of them representing something or holding some type of creatures and knowledge. As a matter of fact, nowadays the modern esoterism refers to a plane as a subtle state, level, or region of reality, each one corresponding to some type, kind, or category of being. Definetely not far from the tradition.

According to ThetaHealing’s theory

For those who are a bit familiar with ThetaHealing (click on the link for more info) this concept of the cosmic planes should definitely ring a bell. Infact, according to the founder of this technique, Vianna Stibal, there are 7 planes of existence.

They are the seen and unseen energies that define the different dimensions of this universe, and they are so vast that the human mind in a normal daily state cannot comprehend them. That’s why when we are using the Theta brain waves we are able to perceive these inexplicable forces.

Each of the planes has its own particular energy, better described as a vibration. These vibrations are the essence of life in all its forms, all the existence as we know it. The frequency of vibration is what makes the planes different to one another: the higher the frequency of vibration, the faster the atoms move. For instance, the molecules in the solid objects of the 1st Plane move very slowly, then they start moving more quickly on the 2nd Plane and so on through all the other planes.

Each plane of existence is subject to its own conditions, rules, laws and commitments. By their very nature, the first 6 planes are not perfect, but the 7th Plane has the fastest vibrations and it has the essence of truth and divinity, what we may refer to as the Source or Universal Energy.

  • The 7th Plane of existence

As I’ve just written, this is the plane were lies the Pure Love and Universal Energy, the life-force energy that flows through all things. Here we can realise that we are all part of everything, that the energy is one and flows in each of us. On the 7th Plane, we can use the energies of all the planes without being bound by any vow or commitment to them, because the energy of the Seventh Plane creates the others.

  • The 6th Plane of existence

This is the plane of the Laws that create the very basic web of the Universe and reality, such as the Law of Time, the Law of Gravity, the Law of Cause and Effect (or Karma) and many more. The Laws are usually represente dby a symbol and they are categorised in Main Laws with sub-laws etc. like a sort of “hierarchy”.

  • The 5th Plane of existence

This is the plane of the divine and semi-divine beings, the plane of the masters, such as the Buddha and other masters that have changed the human history for good. It is divided into different sub-levels of vibration, like some sort of stair, and the lower level is the ultimate dualism. Dualism means that this is the place where both Good and Bad coexist (for instance Angels and Demons).

  • The 4th Plane of existence

This plane is where the spirits arrive and stay after death, where our ancestors are and where we will go after we will pass away. This is also the realm of spirits guide and totem animals.

  • The 3rd Plane of existence

This is the plane of protein-based life forms, such as humans and animals. Our souls need to experience the challenge of emotions and instinctual desires, and the reality of being in a human body in a physical world. All of this, in order to gain experience and learn our lessons until we won’t need to reincarnate anymore and we can ascend as masters in the 5th Plane. Our spirits will always stay in the 4th Plane, as spirit and soul are two different things.

  • The 2nd Plane of existence

All the organic material like plants and trees stay in this plane. It is well known that trees and plants can communicate with each other and that they are the most evoluted creatures on this planet (that’s right!). Fairies and elementals are also attracted to this plane because trees and plants are their home and support.

  • The 1st Plane of existence

This plane consists of all the inorganic material like minerals, crystals, soil, and rocks, all the elements in the periodic table before they bind to carbon bases (and so become organic).


All the planes of existence are linked to each other to form our reality and the whole universe. Learning about the nature of each plane brings us a better understanding of these links and will open us to what each plane has to teach us. Not only we are part of this, but we ARE the planes of existence. Exactly, every plane is working outside and inside our body in complete harmony and balance to create and sustain life.

Infact, the human body is made up of 5 different compounds: lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acid (DNA), and ATP (energy). Each of these is linked to a particular plane and together create who we are.

Our physical, mental and spiritual health depends on having enough of these compounds. If they are lacking in our body, there will be a lack in other areas of our life. For instance a lack of 4th-Plane (carbohydrates) is a lack of energy, or a lack of 2nd-Plane (vitamins) is a lack of love, and so on.

Utilizing the Planes

Back in the days, a person was expected to master the energy of one plane of existence at a time, usually after a spiritual initiation. Think about schamans or crystal healers.

Thankfully now, we can open up and learn how to fuse the elements of the planes into one energy, although we still have to go through lessons. As we develop our psychic and healing abilities, we will naturally connect to the energies of the planes and learn how to use them for our spiritual growth.

Erbe e piante medicinali che non sapevi di avere nel tuo giardino (o balcone)

Al giorno d’oggi quando siamo malati siamo abituati a prendere subito una pillola o una piccola iniezione per sentirci meglio (o almeno così si spera!). Tuttavia in passato la conoscenza e l’uso delle erbe medicinali era l’unica soluzione possibile per curare le malattie. Col tempo vennero così studiate, catalogate e impiegate tutte le erbe e piante definite “medicinali” o “officinali“, ovvero usate e vendute nelle “officine” (=farmacie, speziali, ecc.) come vere e proprie medicine.

Gli speziali dell’epoca (i nostri farmacisti, per dire) erano coloro che conoscevano le varie tecniche di lavorazione, preparazione e conservazione delle piante, e se ne servivano per realizzare svariati rimedi medicamentosi (oli, unguenti, decotti, tisane ecc.), prodotti cosmetici e profumi. Non era inusuale che anche i monaci si dedicassero a questa attività, assicurandosi così un po’ di profitto per il monastero e più indipendenza dal mondo esterno (specialmente se seguivano una vita in clausura).

Oggi le erbe e le piante officinali sono per lo più utilizzate in prevenzione alla salute e al benessere, piuttosto che per la cura di per sè (tralascio al momento la naturopatia, fitoterapia, ecc.). Possono essere anche impiegate in cucina (le cosiddette “aromatiche“) oppure, attraverso processi chimici, per creare integratori, cosmetici e altri prodotti per la casa.

In generale, la parte utilizzata della pianta (foglie, fiori, semi, radici ecc.) è chiamata “droga“, ed è la parte che contiene il fitocomplesso cioè l’insieme dei principi attivi che caratterizzano le proprietà del vegetale, non riproducibili per sintesi chimica. Secondo l’OMS infatti, sono definite “medicinali” le erbe e le piante officinali che “contengono in uno o più organi, sostanze che possono essere utilizzate a fini terapeutici o preventivi o che sono precursori di emisintesi chemiofarmaceutiche”, ovvero da cui derivano preparati farmacologicamente attivi. Di conseguenza una pianta è definita officinale o medicinale in un paese e non in un altro a seconda delle legislazioni e dei processi di lavorazione.

Se avete intenzione di iniziare a coltivare voi stessi il vostro giardino officinale e/o aromatico, considerate bene se la pianta che volete coltivare è annuale o perenne, se ha bisogno di stare a terra oppure in vaso (generalmente le aromatiche possono stare in vaso), quanta acqua e sole necessita e se è compatibile o meno con altre piante attorno (per il rischio di parassiti ecc.).


Ne esistono di tantissimi tipi ma la menta piperita ha una concentrazione di essenza molto alta nelle foglie, che vengono raccolte tra Luglio e Agosto.

Agisce per lo più a livello del sistema gastrointestinale, perché aiuta la digestione e ha un’azione antispasmodica della muscolatura liscia. Il mentolo che la menta contiene ha un’azione tonificante, quindi non bevetela prima di dormire se non si vuole soffrire di insonnia. E’ inoltre noto che la menta sia utile per lievi infiammazioni delle vie aeree: i famosi suffumigi hanno un’azione battericida e liberano anche il naso essendo balsamici.

Attenzione! Non si usa sui bambini perché può dare spasmi.


Tutti possono riconoscerlo grazie al suo caratteristico fiore giallo e al suo frutto, il soffione. Cresce spontaneamente in campi e prati, quindi non sarà difficile trovarne in abbondanza nel vostro giardino. Del tarassaco si utilizzano le radici, il cui raccolto va da Maggio a Novembre.

Una volta raccolte, le radici vanno essiccate al sole e conservate in barattoli di vetro o di latta. Possono poi essere utilizzate in infusione per la preparazione di una tisana dall’effetto diuretico e depurativo, oppure per uso esterno sul cuoio capelluto per combattere la forfora.

Attenzione! La tisana è controindicata per chi ha problemi ai reni, cuore, chi assume già farmaci diuretici e in chi soffre di allergia all’ambrosia.


L’aglio può vivere benissimo in vaso, piantandone i bulbi a Novembre per consumarlo in primavera. L’aglio è il più potente antibatterico naturale. Inoltre, abbassa il colesterolo e la pressione, contribuendo a fluidificare il sangue. Il sapore non piace a tutti, ma se essiccato dà generalmente meno fastidio.

Attenzione! Il consumo di aglio è controindicato durante l’allattamento, e va usato con attenzione da chi segue già cure per la pressione, colesterolo e fluidificazione del sangue, in quanto potrebbe potenziare l’effetto dei farmaci.


Ha un’azione miorilassante sulla muscolatura liscia dell’intestino e per questo motivo viene considerata come un ottimo rimedio per chi soffre di sindrome del colon irritabile. Usata in una tisana insieme ad altre erbe (camomilla, valeriana, ecc.), aiuta il rilassamento in generale ed è un buon rimedio contro l’insonnia e l’ansia.

Attenzione! La melissa stimola la tiroide ed è controindicata a chi soffre di problemi di salute in merito.


La salvia è un arbusto sempreverde la cui droga è rappresentata principalmente dalla foglia.

Da sempre usata masticandola contro l’alitosi e per avere denti più bianchi, è un battericida naturale, ha grandi proprietà digestive, diminuisce l’eccessiva sudorazione e contiene anche alcune sostanze simili agli ormoni femminili estrogeni che la rendono perfetta in caso di “caldane da menopausa”.

Attenzione! Ne è assolutamente vietato l’uso durante l’allattamento e in gravidanza in quanto blocca la produzione del latte ed ha molecole che possono interagire con gli ormoni femminili. Da utilizzare molto cautamente come olio essenziale.


E’ un’erba perenne le cui foglie possono essere raccolte da Aprile a Settembre, ovviamente utilizzando dei guanti (e tutti sanno il perchè!). Il potere irritante delle foglie di ortica scompare con l’essiccazione o dopo la cottura.

L’ortica è considerata benefica per il suo contenuto di sali minerali e vitamina C, nonchè per avere un potere antinfiammatorio (cosa piuttosto ironica). La tisana può essere bevuta calda al momento, oppure una volta raffreddata, è un ottimo tonico per il viso per la cura della pelle grassa o mista.

  • TIMO

In questo caso la droga della pianta sono le foglie ed i fiori, che oltre ad avere una buonissima aromaticità da usare in cucina, sono anche antibatteriche grazie al timolo contenuto in esse.

Il timo agisce benissimo sull’apparato digestivo e respiratorio essendo espettorante e mucolitico. Può essere usato anche come tonico del cuoio capelluto, stimolando la crescita del capello.

Attenzione! L’olio essenziale di timo non va mai usato per uso interno, perché anche a basse dosi può dar fastidio.


La lavanda ama molto la siccità e se ne utilizzano i fiori appena sbocciati fatti essiccare al sole. È usatissima come profumatore di cassetti ed armadi o per fare cuscini aromatici.

E’ molto usata in aromaterapia perché rilassa il sistema nervoso centrale, oppure come sedativo in aggiunta alle tisane.

Attenzione! Se le dosi sono troppo alte ha l’effetto contrario di eccitante. L’olio essenziale non deve andare a contatto con la pelle dei bimbi.

Altre erbe e piante che vale la pena menzionare ma di cui non posso fare tutta le descrizione sono le seguenti: Dragoncello, Erba cipollina, Rosmarino, Finocchio, Maggiorana, Origano, Anice, Basilico, Prezzemolo, Peperoncino, Coriandolo, Santoreggia, Aneto, Issopo, Calendula, Camomilla, Echinacea, Tanaceto, Valeriana e Malva.

Mi raccomando fate attenzione quando utilizzate rimedi fitoterapici di qualsiasi tipo, specialmente gli oli essenziali. Rivolgetevi sempre al vostro farmacista o naturopata di fiducia riguardo il dosaggio e le controindicazioni e sempre prima di iniziare una cura. Non dimenticate inoltre di chiedere un parere al vostro medico curante!

Who is a doula?

In the last few years I have lived abroad I have increasingly heard about “doulas”, whose existence and role I admit previously I did not know. However, having recently talked to some of my foreign non-italian colleagues who trusted in the doulas during their gestation, I was intrigued and wanted to find out more.

The doula’s role

Doula means “servant”, and is an ancient figure that can be found already from Ancient Greece. In Italy it is about 10/15 years that this profession properly started, while in the rest of Europe or in the USA it has been much longer. The doula is a non-health professional figure for the emotional and practical support of the family and particularly of the pregnant mothers until roughly the child’s first birthday.

For example, emotionally she can help the mother to look for the positive side of the situation, give her attention and make her believe in her strength. On the practical side the doula is not a cleaner or a housekeeper, but if the mother needs it she can certainly help keep the house clean. She is not a babysitter but can watch children while the mother washes or eats in peace. The doula is above all a non-judgmental figure who respects the choices of the mother and the family, an emotional and practical help you can count on.

When the doula enters the scene

  • Pregnancy and pre-birth

One of the fundamental roles of the doula is to help the mother to make the “birth plan“, that is the whole list of things that the future mother wants in the hospital (or at home). The doula helps to make these wishes come true and directs the family to the centers or health experts suited to their choices. Then almost at the 9th month, about 10 days before the birth, the doula organizes the “blessing way“: a Navaho tradition ceremony to welcome the mother who is born, because as per Native American tradition when a baby is born a new mother is also born. This celebration of life is usually celebrated with friends and loved ones, doing rituals that the mother chooses: for example, you can create essential oils or scented salts to take home as a souvenir, create handmade gifts for the mother and the baby, burn fears and sing songs to the sound of shamanic drums, make a cast of the belly, braid hair with fresh flowers and many other activities that suit the future mother’s likings.

  • Labour

If the mother believes that the father is unable to support her during labour in the hospital, the doula can enter the delivery room as a replacement, otherwise she can watch the other children outside. During home birth the doula can help prepare peoperly the place and the necessary to support the mother during birth (for example by massaging her feet).

  • Post-partum

Especially if it’s the mother’s first child, she may have different fears and insecurities after giving birth (how do I change the diaper? Why doesn’t the baby sleep? And if I can’t breastfeed? etc ..). Breastfeeding especially can be a critical point for several women, but the doula will help find health workers to support the new mother. About other insecurities the doula will work as emotional support and if necessary suggest some psychological support or groups to the mother and / or family.

The relationship with healthcare professionals

Let’s dispel one of the many myths: the doula does NOT want to replace anyone. As mentioned above, the doula is not a health figure but an emotional (NOT psychological) and practical support. Fortunately, several health workers (doctors, midwives, nurses, etc.) accept the figure of the doula and indeed, advise the new mothers to contact them. Others do not welcome the doulas, but I believe it is certainly because they do not understand this role. Because different support figures exist, they can all work together to better help mothers and for the babies and families’ best interest.

How to become a doula

There are many schools around the world that can teach you how to become a doula, some of the courses last 9 months, others are shorter. Check online which is the closest school in your area and if your state requires an enrollment in a specific professional body. It is then at the discretion of the person to feel competent and ready to start practicing the profession. I guess one becomes a doula if you feel particularly connected with pregnacy and the motherhood world, if you want to combine practical and emotional help and support and make it your call, doing all of this with joy in your heart.

The Spiritual Spine

In a mother’s womb, the spine is one of the first thing that is formed. Anatomically and physically our spine is the support we rely on every day. It supports us and, thanks to the spinal cord and the various nerves, allows our body to move and experience sensations transmitted to the brain. Being part of our Central Nervous System, the spine and its health define the quality of our lives. 

Also on a spiritual level, the spine is the source of all our energy. It is no coincidence that it is where the major energy channels (in TCM), meridians and chakras lie in our body. If you roughly remember an article I recently wrote on Metamedicine, you immediately understand that every part of the body and its imbalances or diseases are associated with a possible mental block or negative belief. The spine is obviously no different and not only reflects this process, but also gives us a very interesting key to understand ourselves.

If you take a look at the images below, you can see how the spine is connected to each organ thanks to the nerves and in the second one, where all the 7 chakras are located on the spine levels and their functions and issues.

If you have a problem in a particular area of your spine or any of the related functions, for example digestion (other than speaking with your doctor obviously!), you can work on the associated chakra and keep a record of any improvements or not. If you want to get even deeper and more specific, I created a tab-map that specify the negative blockages of every single vertebra. You can find it here in English and Italian (where C stands for cervical/cervicale, T stands for thoracic/toracica and L stands for lumbar/lombare):



C1 – Overthinking

C1 – Troppi pensieri e idee in confusione

C2 – Deny yourself and your desires

C2 – Negare se stessi e i propri desideri

C3 – Be what you do and how you behave

C3 – Essere quel che si fa

C4 – Guilt and anger

C4 – Senso di colpa e rabbia

C5 – Speak out, express yourself

C5 – Esprimersi in tutti i sensi, parlare

C6 – Carry a weight

C6 – Portare un peso

C7 – Fear of not making it

C7 – Paura di non farcela

T1 – Fear of losing someone or something

T1 – Paura di perdere qualcuno o qualcosa

T2 – Feeling suffocated

T2 – Sentirsi soffocare

T3 – Injustice and unjustified phobias

T3 – Ingiustizia e fobie ingiustificate

T4 – Fear of love and/or being loved

T4 – Paura di amare e/o essere amati

T5 – Fear of failing

T5 – Paura di fallire

T6 – Jealousy and/or envy

T6 – Gelosia e/o invidia

T7 – Conflicts, feeling trapped

T7 – Conflitti, sentirsi in trappola

T8 – Obsessions, not letting go

T8 – Ossessioni, non lasciare andare

T9 – Fear of abandonment

T9 – Paura dell’abbandono

T10 – Fear of losing control

T10 – Paura di perdere il controllo

T11 – Not value yourself and your external image

T11 – Non valorizzare se stessi a la propria immagine esteriore

T12 – Fear of not being perfect

T12 – Paura di non essere perfetti

L1 – Insecurities, fears related to money

L1 – Insicurezze, paure correlate al denaro

L2 – Humiliation and shame

L2 – Umiliazione e vergogna

L3 – Feeling betrayed

L3 – Sentirsi traditi

L4 – Rejection of sexuality

L4 – Rifiuto della sessualità

L5 – Feeling vulnerable

L5 – Sentirsi vulnerabili

Sacrum – Be too influenced by others

Sacro – Lasciarsi influenzare troppo dagli altri

Coccyx – Stubborness

Coccige – Intestardirsi sulle proprie convinzioni

Other than working on the chakra linked with the area of interest, you can also book a session of “Spiritual Spine Straightening“, which I am going to talk about in a future article.






Images source:
1) wirbelsaulenaufrichtung.blogspot.com/2014/11/spinehealing-original-spiritual-spine
2) truegeorge.com/2015/02/21/the-chakras-the-bodys-source-of-energy

The Great Dictionary of Metamedicine – Book review

Claudia Rainville, author of the international best seller “Le Grand Dictionnaire of Métamédicine, chaque symptome est un message” (aka “The Great Dictionary of Metamedicine, every symptom is a message“) started her career as a psychotherapist, born and raised in the typical Western medicine environment. After few challenges she had to face during the years in her personal and family life, and after noticing few similar patterns in her patients, she founded the Metamedicine approach.

Ancient Romans used to say “Mens sana in corpore sano“, so “Healthy mind, healthy body” and that’s what pretty much Metamedicine is based on.

After realising that patients had significant emotional events or traumas before the onset of new health issues or symptoms, the correlation of these events became a vast inventory of case studies and successful diagnostics. So, according to Metamedicine (aka META-Health), there is not only a mind-body connection but actually a very precise organ-mind-emotion network. Which means that each area of our brain, with its chemical and emotional responds, is linked to a specific organ and a specific conflict or trauma or environmental social experience.

As examples of what I have mentioned already, we could say that the skin (organ of touch) might be affected by a loss-of-contact-conflict, the breast (organ that nourishes the baby) by a separation-conflict, the lungs (breath is the sign of life) by a fear-of-death conflict, and so on.

I know this is a lot to take in and maybe difficult to understand, so let me give you a couple more of examples that Claudia Reinville herself mentions in the book.

Let’s start from something very common like allergies. They are a very common problem, which usually onsets due to situations (or allergens) that are not accepted or that wake up forgotten emotions and traumas. One can be allergic to pet hair, pollen some foods: let’s focus on this one. Food allergies are the ones linked with a memory, for example: have you been told that one of your relatives died while you were eating broccoli? Don’t be surprised if you can’t stand them or if you are allergic to them. Were your parents divorcing while you were starting to eat fruits as a toddler? Be careful ’cause you can become strawberry-intolerant. If you are unable to address the episode or the period of time where your allergy started, it could be related to a previous life experience. Gluten and dairy products allergies are instead a separate matter.

Let’s give you another example, a quite common problem that many people are afraid to share: anal itching. The anus is the terminal part of the intestines, and so it represents the end of a process and letting go “something” (yeah, you know what I am talking about!). That’s why anal itching can be getting started when there are difficulties in letting go and move on from a situation. It could be a person, a house, a job, etc. Ask youself: what is that bothers me about letting go this thing/person? Why is it so hard to move on?

In “The Great Dictionary of Metamedicine, every symptom is a message” the author writes in alphabetical order mentioning step by step every single disease, how it is related with a trauma or a issues/ conflict we should face and solve, giving examples thanks to her experience with thousands of patients.

I found this book really illuminating, as being a ThetaHealer Pratictioner I already knew this type of correlation in our beings, but being able to address all of them and put them down on paper is remarkable and it comes very handy. Especially if you work with holistic healing like I do, it makes you save a lot of time and helps you understand better your clients, not to mention all the positive improvements you can gain for youself. So take your new Dictionary and start digging, I hope you will find all the answers you are looking for!

Behavioural Iridology: Can your eyes show your personality?

For those who have followed my blog so far, you have probably read the article about Iridology. For those who don’t know what I am talking about, please have a look at it, but in the meantime I can tell you very briefly that iridology is a method used in alternative medicine to analyze the health status by studying the colors, marks and signs in the iris and the whole eye in general.

I bet you’re asking: What is the difference between “normal” iridology and the behavioural one? Well, originally they were completely distinct from one another, because there was a common will to departure from the world of pathology and medicine. Although with time in the early 90s, from the “only” concept of the iris as health indicator, researchers began to step forward, and link the iris to our DNA, as indicator of “genetically inherited” constitution. From the idea that the constitution is not only a product of physical, but also psychological, manifest or latent characteristics, it has been believed so far that through the study of the iris, iridolgists can also “scan” and analize the behaviour and personality of a person. From here all the differences schools of thought in behavioural iridology started, such as Deck, Heller, Wolf, Rayid and Verghis.

Although the categories of personalities changes from schools to schools, it is possible to distinguish 2 different types of “primary structures” or main personality characteristics.

  • The Emotional Type or the Flower

In the iris it appears as an open structure with the presence of lacunae (=absence of substance). Infact, they can genetically carry or develop conditions caused by “lack” of something, such as poor immunity, loss of organ function, hormonal instability, depression, poorly defined personal boundaries, mood swings, emotional negativity, loss of direction in life.

They also have lots of qualities like receptivity, open mindedness, creativity, emotional honesty, selfawareness, flexibility, versatility, spontaneity, instinctual intelligence, opportunity for healing. What are for these people the lessons to be learned? Self-control, focus, consolidation, thinking and centredness.

  • The Thinking Type or the Jewel

This type shows itself in the iris with the presence of pigment spots, so “accumulation of color”. This accumulation reflects also on their health, developing conditions like accumulation, sluggishness, crystalization, deposition, toxins, deposits, lithiasis (e.i. kidney stones). They are quite susceptible to enzyme and digestive problems.

In terms of personality, they usually experience caution, reserve, mistrust, unexamined emotions and withdrawal, but they can also have very high intellect, organizational and logic abilities, verbal skills, attention to detail and planning. The lessons to be learned in this case are certainly trust, delegating, flow, release and feelings.

In addiction to these 2 main categories, 2 more “secondary structures“, also called “modifying”, can be found.

  • The Empathic Type or the Stream (none of the above)

It has a very dense iris structure and contains neither of the above mentioned signs (spots or lacunae). As persons, they tend to be grounded, compassionate, sensitive, empathic, practical, carer, networker, methodical, honest, reliable, and able to carry out tasks to conclusion but requires direction. Out of balance they can show exhaustion, depression and indecisiveness. Trust, release and find a purpose are definetely lessons to be learned.

  • The Driven Type or the Shaker (both the above)

It has a very variable iris structure and contains both flowers and jewels’ signs (spots and lacunae). They can be fiery, challenging, progressive, pioneer, inventor, leader, unpredictable, good at initiating and inspiring but not so good at completing tasks. Out of balance they can be a bit reckless, isolated and extremist. Consistency, moderation and stability are definetely lessons to be learned.

If we mix all these structures, we obtain 4 behavioural types, which can define personalities in a more specific and detailed way:

  • The Stream Jewel Type
  • The Shaker Jewel Type
  • The Stream Flower Type
  • The Shaker Flower Type

…I let you discover them by youserlf! I also invite you to have your eyes checked, because although behavioural iridology doesn’t medically diagnose or treat any disease, it addresses most physical and behavioral conditions. Because those missing pieces are identified and the whole person is treated holistically, several aspects of your life can improve. Behavioral iridology offers explanations for situations that are happening in your life today, and it can definetely help knowing a bit more about yourself!

How to read your eyes? Find an iridologist (UK) or try online!





Photos by: Intro to behavioural.key, CNM uk

ThetaHealing: un’Intervista a Sara Montanari / ThetaHealing: an Interview with Sara Montanari

Bilingual article, for the English version scroll down!

Articolo bilingue, per la versione Inglese scorrere in basso!

Nell’ultimo periodo sono stata molto fortunata, perchè diversi operatori olistici di luce mi hanno contattata per avere un piccolo spazio sul blog di Abundy. Grazie a loro, Abundy ma soprattutto la mia e la vostra (cari lettori!) conoscenza e connessione si potranno espandere sempre di più! Oggi sono qui con Sara Montanari, che non solo conosco e stimo da anni, ma che è stata anche una mia personale Maestra e ora con immensa gioia posso definire collega. Sara è una fantastica ThetaHealer (clicca per saperne di più), che mette discrezione, gentilezza, amore e tanta tanta passione nel lavoro che fa. Ma lascio a lei il piacere di raccontarvi di più:

  • Ciao Sara, grazie ancora per aver accettato di farti intervistare per Abundy. Ti andrebbe di parlarci un po’ di te e di come ti sei avvicinata al ThetaHealing?

Ciao Laura, grazie mille a te per questa opportunità. Ho conosciuto il ThetaHealing nel 2014, attraverso una mia amica che mi ha presentato una ThetaHealer, inizialmente in realtà per il Reiki degli Angeli, poi ho provato una sessione di Theta di cui mi sono profondamente innamorata…il caso che non è mai un caso!

  • Dunque nel tuo studio olistico “Onde di luce” proponi principalmente come tecnica il ThetaHealing. Ti capita di usare altre tecniche durante la seduta con una persona?

Di solito applico principalmente il ThetaHealing ma in parte finale qualche volta uso il Reiki degli Angeli apponendo le mani nelle zone colpite o contratte, in base ai consigli “dall’alto” diciamo.

  • Vedo che sei molto attiva sui Social Network e Youtube, ad esempio con i tuoi interessanti video. Hanno questi video un filo conduttore comune o un argomento che ti piace particolarmente trattare?

Si, il filo da cui sono partita nei miei video è lo studio profondo dell’inconscio, per poi sfociare nei disagi e nelle malattie che può creare. A tratti procedo anche a spiegare altri argomenti rilevanti che tratto in seduta, ad esempio la paura, il karma o blocchi fisici.

  • Puoi spiegarci meglio cosa è il subconscio e cosa significa lavorare con e su di esso?

Il subconscio è una grande macchina che contiene il 90% delle nostre informazioni e programmi (quelli che nel ThetaHealing possiamo chiamare convinzioni, sia negative che positive), che sovente sfociano in blocchi generatori di disagi e malattie. Possiamo dire che il nostro inconscio è il nostro bambino interiore.

  • Quindi cos’è, o meglio, chi è il bambino interiore?

Il bambino interiore siamo noi stessi nel più profondo delle nostre emozioni, spesso limitanti, che auto creano blocchi e disagi altrettanto profondi sin dalla nascita o addirittura da prima, nell’utero materno, e trattiene tutto ciò che gli è stato insegnato in famiglia, nel nucleo e nel DNA.

  • Quali sono principalmente i motivi che spingono una persona a prenotare una sessione con te?

Di solito chi mi contatta ha notevoli movimenti interiori che generano situazioni difficili che compromettono la loro vita quotidiana, o più semplicemente magari vuole fare un percorso di crescita personale ed evoluzione profonda.

  • Ho visto che fra i tuoi eventi recenti c’e stato un workshop molto interessante: “approfondimento sull’Amor proprio e sull’Anima gemella”. Di cosa si tratta?

Si, il mio workshop del 27 Dicembre prevedeva un’immersione profonda nell’Amore in tutte le sue forme, soprattutto fari puntati sull’amor proprio che arricchisce dentro per creare fuori la strada verso l’ anima gemella compatibile.

  • Parte del tuo lavoro a “Onde di Luce” consiste nell’insegnamento. Quindi è possibile per chiunque imparare e praticare il ThetaHealing?

Certo che si, chiunque può connettersi all’energia creatrice e al Divino. E’ la prima cosa che insegno: siamo tutti scintille di Dio.

  • Raccontaci dei progetti futuri per te e per lo studio “Onde di luce”.

Ultimamente ho strutturato e creato in connessione col Creatore, un seminario propriamente diretto a cambiare consapevolmente il proprio Karma. Si chiama “Allineamento Karmico del maestro consapevole”.

  • Quindi questo corso lo hai ideato tu? Come e in cosa consiste?

Si è tutto partito dallo studio dei capisaldi e di un ottimo lavoro di consapevolezza, toccando l’inconscio, l’ego e il proprio Karma, e attingendo all’aiuto dalla sorgente… il resto sarà una sorpresa! Sappiate che lo calendarizzerò a inizio Febbraio. Tutti possono accedere a questo corso, senza prerequisiti.

  • Ok, grazie mille Sara per il tuo tempo e contributo ad Abundy. Parlaci dei tuoi prossimi eventi e dove possono trovarti i lettori.

Il mio prossimo evento sarà a Reggio Emilia per il seminario DNA Base per poi procedere con il mio nuovo corso “Allineamento Karmico del maestro consapevole”. A seguire e chiudere a Gennaio con l’Abbondanza manifestata dall’alto.

Mi potete trovare sul web su www.ondediluce.it oppure su Facebook in Onde di Luce di Sara Montanari.

Dal 2020 anche in un altro luogo che sarà una sorpresa… spero di essere più chiara quanto prima verso Febbraio. Grazie mille per questa possibilità che mi hai dato per parlare un po’ di me e del mio meraviglioso lavoro, che prima di tutto è una grande passione.

In the last period I have been very lucky, because several holistic light operators have contacted me in order to have a small space on Abundy’s blog. Thanks to them, Abundy and above all my and your (dear readers!) knowledge and connection will be able to increase more and more! Today I am here with Sara Montanari, whom I have not only known and respected for years, but who has also been my teacher and now with immense joy I can call colleague. Sara is a fantastic ThetaHealer (click to learn more), which puts discretion, kindness, love and a lot of passion in the work she does. But I leave her the pleasure to tell you more:

  • Hi Sara, thanks again for agreeing to be interviewed for Abundy. Would you like to tell us a little bit about yourself and how did you approach ThetaHealing?

Hi Laura, thank you very much for this opportunity. I met ThetaHealing in 2014, through a friend of mine who introduced me to a ThetaHealer, initially actually for the Angel Reiki, but then I tried a Theta session that I deeply fell in love with … the case that is never a coincidence!

  • So in your holistic study “Onde di Luce” you mainly use the ThetaHealing technique. Do you happen to use other techniques with your clients?

Usually I mainly apply ThetaHealing but in the final part I sometimes use the Angel Reiki by placing my hands in the affected or contracted areas, based on the advice “from above”, as we say.

  • I see that you are very active on Social Networks and Youtube, for example with your interesting videos. Do these videos have a common thread or a topic that you particularly like to talk about?

Yes, the thread from which I started in my videos is the deep study of the subconscious, to then lead to the inconveniences and diseases it can create. Sometimes I also go on to explain other relevant topics that I deal with in the sessions, for example fear, karma or physical blockages.

  • Can you explain better what the subconscious is and what it means to work with and on it?

The subconscious is a large machine that contains 90% of our information and programs (what in ThetaHealing we can call beliefs, both negative and positive), which often result in blocks that generate inconvenience and disease. We can say that our subconscious is our inner child.

  • So what is, or rather, who is the inner child?

The inner child is ourselves in the deepest of our emotions, often limiting, which self create blocks and discomforts equally deep since birth or even before, in the womb, and retains everything that has been taught to him in the family, in the nucleus and in DNA.

  • What are the main reasons for a person to book a session with you?

Usually those who contact me have significant internal movements that generate difficult situations that compromise their daily life, or more simply, maybe they want to make a path of personal growth and deep evolution.

  • I saw that among your recent events there was a very interesting workshop: “approfondimento sull’Amor proprio e sull’Anima gemella“. What is it about?

Yes, my workshop on December 27th provided a deep immersion in Love in all its forms, especially focused on self-love which enriches inside to create in our lives the road towards a compatible soul mate.

  • Part of your “Onde di Luce” work is teaching. So is it possible for anyone to learn and practice ThetaHealing?

Of course, anyone can connect to the Source and the Divine. It is the first thing I teach: we are all sparks of God.

  • Tell us about the future projects for you and for “Onde di Luce”.

Lately I have structured and created in connection with the Creator a seminar properly directed to consciously change one’s Karma. It is called “Allineamento Karmico del maestro consapevole“.

  • So did you create this course? How does it work?

It all started with the study of the cornerstones and an excellent work of awareness, touching the subconscious, the ego and one’s Karma, and drawing on help from the Source … the rest will be a surprise! Keep in mind that I will schedule it in early February. Everyone can access this course without prerequisites.

  • Ok, thank you so much Sara for your time and contribution to Abundy. Tell us about your upcoming events and where readers can find you.

My next event will be in Reggio Emilia (Italy) for the DNA Base seminar and then proceed with my new course “Allineamento Karmico del maestro consapevole“, following and closing in January with the Abundance manifested from above.

You can find me on the web on www.ondediluce.it or on Facebook in Onde di Luce di Sara Montanari.

From 2020 I will be also in another place that will be a surprise … I hope to be clearer as soon as possible towards February. Thank you so much for this chance you gave me to talk a little about myself and my wonderful job, which is first of all a great passion.

Reiki degli Angeli: un’Intervista a Nathalie Aurouze / Angel Reiki: an Interview with Nathalie Aurouze

Bilingual article, for the English version scroll down!

Articolo bilingue, per la versione Inglese scorrere in basso!

Un paio di mesi fa ho partecipato con lo stand di Abundy Studio a due eventi che si sono tenuti in provincia di Parma, Italia (chi di voi mi segue da un po’ sa di cosa sto parlando!). Ad entrambi gli eventi ho avuto il piacere di conoscere Nathalie Aurouze, che con la sua fantastica energia ha immediatamente catturato la mia attenzione e la mia ammirazione. Non avendo molta familiarità con le tecniche che propone, le ho chiesto subito diverse informazioni e infine di fare un’intervista per il blog di Abundy. La ringrazio dunque di cuore per aver accettato di condividere la sua esperienza, conoscenza e tutta la sua passione con me e con tutti voi!

  • Ciao Nathalie, grazie ancora per aver accettato questa intervista. Ti andrebbe di parlarci un po’ di te e di come sei diventata operatrice olistica?

Buongiorno Laura. Sono felicissima di averti incontrata e grazie per avermi inviata a parlare del Reiki degli Angeli.

Mi chiamo Nathalie Aurouze, sono Operatrice Olistica e mi trovate a Collecchio, vicino a Parma. Fin dalla prima infanzia, ogni sera in un angolo della mia camera vedevo degli angeli, ma non osavo parlarne con nessuno perché ero estremamente timida. Il periodo dell’adolescenza allontanò gli angeli dalla mia vita… e continuai ad avere grandi difficoltà nell’affermarmi e nell’esprimere me stessa come avrei voluto fare.

Da “grande”, cercando risorse per me stessa e volendo aiutare mio figlio a vivere con serenità, mi sono orientata verso il Reiki e, poco dopo, gli angeli sono tornati nella mia vita, più forti di prima, e iniziai ad ascoltarli! Mentre procedevo lungo il mio percorso, notai che la mia autostima aumentava, che provavo sempre meno paura, che le mie relazioni diventavano più armoniose e che riuscivo ad effettuare dei cambiamenti significativi.

La mia ricerca e le mie formazioni professionali mi hanno spinta a condividere con gli altri i miei talenti e le persone hanno iniziato a cercarmi per ricevere aiuto, un aiuto diverso.

  • Qual è il tuo approccio e la tua filosofia generale durante la sessione con un cliente?

Mi piace moltissimo aiutare le donne che hanno il coraggio di voler cambiare ciò che non funziona più nelle loro vite, ritrovare se stesse, gestire il loro benessere nella vita quotidiana e migliorare la loro vita personale, familiare e sociale. Perché meritano veramente di seguire il loro cuore e di ritrovare il sorriso!

  • Quali tecniche proponi nel tuo studio “Anthea”?

Utilizzo delle tecniche olistiche che agiscono a livello energetico, angelico, quantistico e/o spirituale:

– il Reiki Usui ed anche altre tradizioni come il Karmic Reiki, il Money Reiki, il Reiki degli Angeli di cui parleremo più avanti;

– la pulizia dell’aura, per riuscire a togliere tutto ciò che ci impedisce a livello energetico di andare avanti con serenità;

– l‘Aura-Soma e la penna di Luce, una cromoterapia molto interessante che comprende anche cristalloterapia e aromaterapia, grazie ai componenti naturale delle bottiglie.

Ma anche le canalizzazioni con gli Angeli, letture dei Tarocchi degli Angeli, letture dei Registri Akashici e sedute con i Codici di Luce Merkaba, le quali agiscono sui diversi livelli dell’essere, sempre per il suo massimo bene.

La persona può scegliere delle sedute individuali (singole o in percorso) e/o dei corsi, per comprendersi, capire i propri doni e talenti per poi utilizzarli per ritrovare se stessa e vivere meglio in ogni settore della sua vita.

  • Parliamo del Reiki degli Angeli. In cosa è diverso dall’Usui Reiki?

Il Reiki Usui che conosciamo oggi nacque in Giappone quasi 100 anni fa ed è oggi la tecnica energetica più conosciuta al mondo.

Il Reiki degli Angeli è una tradizione meno conosciuta, in sintonia con gli Angeli, i cui simboli derivano dalla Natura. Lavora sulla preparazione dell’anima all’inizio del percorso della consapevolezza interiore, agisce su corpo-cuore-anima e dona pace e serenità alla persona. Questa tradizione è suddivisa in 6 livelli (Master compreso).

  • Come è nata per la prima volta questa tecnica?

Il Reiki degli Angeli è nato diversi anni fa, durante un convegno di Master Reiki, durante il quale un uomo definì i livelli e spiegò i simboli di questa tradizione. Purtroppo, alla fine del convegno i partecipanti non riuscirono più a ritrovarlo malgrado intense ricerche. Era sparito e iniziarono a pensare che fosse un angelo venuto per portare loro questo insegnamento.

Durante il mio percorso di crescita, notai che tutte tecniche che studiavo mi portavano agli angeli e il Reiki Usui mi portò al Reiki degli Angeli. Come si dice, “quando l’allievo è pronto, appare il maestro!”.

  • Molti di noi non hanno mai avuto esperienze dirette con gli Angeli. Come li/le (Angeli ed esperienze) descriveresti a queste persone?

Gli Angeli sono energie che emanano dal Divino (puoi chiamarlo come preferisci: Dio, Allah, Creatore, Sorgente… il Divino esiste indipendentemente dalle religioni). Un’esperienza angelica è facile da riconoscere perché ti porta sempre calma, serenità e una profonda sensazione di amore. La difficoltà si trova in noi! Prima di tutto, dobbiamo chiedere, perché gli Angeli rispettano il nostro libero arbitrio e non intervengono se noi non chiediamo aiuto.

In secondo luogo, dobbiamo imparare a ricevere i loro messaggi: ascoltarli, sentirli, percepirli, vederli… Purtroppo passiamo spesso accanto ai consigli angelici senza renderci conto di avere già ricevuto la risposta alla nostra domanda, ed è solo perché siamo troppo concentrati su di noi. Con il Reiki degli Angeli, possiamo imparare ad innalzare la nostra frequenza per percepire gli angeli. Uno dei livelli è dedicato alla canalizzazione ed è meraviglioso vedere le persone capire che possono facilmente ricevere risposte angeliche.

  • Spiegaci cosa ci si può aspettare da una seduta di Reiki degli Angeli.

Il trattamento con il Reiki degli Angeli è dolce, rispettoso della tua persona e della tua anima. La sua energia offre il rilassamento della mente e del cuore, in modo da sentirti più calmo, centrato e rigenerato, prima di tornare alla tua vita con maggiore energia e positività.

Tutti possono riceverlo, anche i bambini piccoli o le persone anziane che sono più fragili, e questo grazie alla sua energia delicata, angelica.

  • Quali sono le motivazioni che portano una persona a chiederti una seduta di Reiki degli Angeli? E quali sono i benefici?

Quando una persona si sente attratta dagli Angeli, mi chiede il Reiki degli Angeli. E’ una semplice questione di affinità.

I benefici sono numerosi:

– capire meglio le proprie emozioni e lasciar andare rabbia, frustrazione o sensi di colpa

– calmare la mente e riuscire a dormire meglio

– iniziare un percorso di consapevolezza

– imparare a canalizzare gli angeli per ricevere direttamente i loro consigli

Questa è la testimonianza che una persona mi ha inviato qualche tempo dopo aver seguito il 1° livello: Ciao Nathalie. Volevo dirti che grazie al Reiki riesco a camminare su e giù per le montagne; non ci pensavo ma poi, mentre andavo su per una salita e non ce la facevo più, ho visualizzato i simboli… non pensavo alla fatica, anzi, mi sentivo più forte del solito. Volevo condividere con te questa cosa e ringraziarti per avermi fatto conoscere questa energia”.

  • Serve un talento speciale o è possibile per chiunque imparare il Reiki degli Angeli? Se sì, come?

Tutti possono imparare ad utilizzare il Reiki degli Angeli!

E’ un meraviglioso percorso di consapevolezza composto da diversi livelli grazie ai quali si impara a: ripristinare l’equilibrio energetico in tutti i corpi sottili della persona; aiutare gli altri, anche a distanza; portare armonia a situazioni problematiche (nostre o altrui); programmare oggetti e ambienti; ripulire l’aura e i Chakra delle persone, gli oggetti o gli ambienti dalla presenza di energie pesanti; contattare direttamente gli angeli per noi e gli altri.

Alla fine del percorso si può diventare Master Reiki degli Angeli ed insegnare ad altri il Reiki degli Angeli.

  • E’ possibile praticare Reiki degli Angeli su se stessi?

Certamente! Con il 1° livello, si impara ad effettuare l’auto-trattamento e, con il 2° livello, anche se sembra incredibile a persone che poco conoscono il Reiki, si impara a auto-trattasi a distanza! E non solo, possiamo trattare le nostre situazioni o relazioni difficili e ottenere ottime soluzioni.

  • Quali sono gli obiettivi per te e lo studio Anthea per il prossimo futuro?

Il mio desiderio principale è di comunicare alle donne che possono migliorare la loro vita, in modo diverso. Vorrei che imparassero a sentirsi libere e indipendenti dai condizionamenti che hanno ricevuto – come me – dalla famiglia, educazione, scuola, pubblicità… Sono persone fantastiche e cercano soluzioni nel settore olistico quando tutto il resto non ha funzionato.

Aggiungo che non lavoro a livello medico e che il proprio medico deve sempre essere consultato quando è necessario, ma le tecniche olistiche possono affiancare le cure tradizionali con grandi benefici. Inoltre, il Reiki è sempre più presente negli ospedali di tutto il mondo.

Per questo ho scelto di aprire uno studio in cui diverse tecniche lavorano insieme, dove si può chiedere e ricevere aiuto, conoscere ed armonizzare emozioni e pensieri, avere il tempo necessario e uno spazio accogliente per “ritrovarsi”, ricevere suggerimenti e soluzioni per il proprio benessere… perché si può imparare, crescere e conoscersi su tutti i livelli dell’essere.

Il mio studio non è un luogo di cura, ma di armonia e di energia positiva, dove essere ascoltata e compresa.

  • Quale Angelo ci accompagna nelle energie di questa settimana?

Questa settimana, sto lavorando con l’arcangelo Ariel, il cui nome significa “Leone (o Leonessa) di Dio”. E’ strettamente collegato con la natura, le fate e gli elementi e l’altro ieri fotografando i colori del mio giardino, mi sono resa conto che mi era sempre vicino. Ariel ci aiuta a sentire un senso di interconnessione con la natura, con tutte le forze e le energie di Gaia, nostra Madre Terra, e con tutti gli esseri sia di questo mondo che di altri mondi.

Tutti possono invocarlo e sentire la sua presenza durante una passeggiata in un parco cittadino, in un bosco o al mare. Provate!

  • Grazie mille Nathalie per le preziose informazioni, parlaci dei tuoi prossimi eventi e dove possono trovarti i lettori.

Grazie a te Laura. E’ stato un onore essere intervistata da te e spiegare il mio lavoro ai lettori.

Siete sempre i benvenuti ed è possibile trovarmi tramite il mio sito-blog sul quale pubblico articoli relativi al Reiki e agli Angeli, ma non solo:


o la mia pagina Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TecnicheHolistiche/

Le attività programmate sono sempre indicate in agenda sulla Home Page del sito. Sto preparando il programma per l’inizio del prossimo anno con nuovi corsi di Reiki degli Angeli, Reiki Usui, Karmic Reiki, Money Reiki, giornate e laboratori esperienziali con l’Aura-Soma, il mio corso per “Imparare a conoscere e contattare gli Angeli”, il corso sui “Tarocchi degli Angeli”, delle serate di scambio di trattamenti di reiki e altre di meditazione con gli Angeli… Sto anche organizzando laboratori in collaborazione con altre terapeute, dove il Reiki, l’Aura-Soma e gli Angeli incontreranno altre tecniche olistiche.

Insomma, le idee ci sono e si stanno sviluppando, sempre con il filo conduttore che tende a rendere le persone indipendenti e libere nelle loro scelte, riconoscere i loro doni e talenti… avere l’opportunità di riscoprirsi durante le sedute o i corsi nel mio studio.

A couple of months ago I participated with the Abundy Studio stand in two events that were held in the province of Parma, Italy (those of you who have been following me for a while know what I’m talking about!). At both events I had the pleasure of meeting Nathalie Aurouze, who with her fantastic energy immediately caught my attention and my admiration. Not being very familiar with the techniques she proposed, I immediately asked her for various information and finally to do an interview for Abundy’s blog. Thank you so very much for having accepted to share your experience, knowledge and all your passion with me and with all of you!

  • Hi Nathalie, thanks again for accepting this interview. Would you like to talk a little about yourself and how you became a holistic operator?

Good morning Laura. I am so happy to have met you and thank you for asking me to talk about the Angel Reiki.

My name is Nathalie Aurouze, I am a light worker and I live in Collecchio, near Parma. From early childhood, every night in a corner of my room I saw angels, but I didn’t dare talk about them with anyone because I was extremely shy. The adolescent period took the angels away from my life… and I continued to have great difficulties in affirming and expressing myself as I would have liked to do.

Growing up, looking for resources for myself and wanting to help my son to live with serenity, I discovered Reiki and, shortly after, the angels came back into my life, stronger than before, and I started listening to them! As I proceeded along my path, I noticed that my self-esteem increased, that I felt less and less afraid, that my relationships became more harmonious and that I could make significant changes.

My research and my professional training led me to share my talents with others and people started looking for me to get help, a different help.

  • What is your approach and your general philosophy during a client session?

I really like helping women who have the courage and the will to change what no longer works in their lives, find themselves, manage their well-being in everyday life and improve their personal, family and social life. Because they really deserve to follow their heart and smile again!

  • What techniques do you propose in your studio “Anthea”?

I use holistic techniques that act on an energetic, angelic, quantum and / or spiritual level:

Usui Reiki and also other traditions such as Karmic Reiki, Money Reiki, the Angel Reiki of which we will talk later;

Aura cleansing, to be able to remove everything that prevents us from going ahead on an energetic level;

the Aura-Soma and the Light beamer pen, a very interesting chromotherapy that also includes crystal therapy and aromatherapy, thanks to the natural components of the bottles.

But also Angel Channeling, readings of the Tarot of the Angels, readings of the Akashic Records and sessions with the Merkaba Light Codes, which act on the different levels of our being, always for its highest good.

A person can choose to have individual sessions (single or groups) and/or follow some courses, to better understand themselves, understand their gifts and talents and then use them to ridiscover themselves and live in a better way in every area of their life.

  • Let’s talk about the Angel Reiki. What is different from Usui Reiki?

The Usui Reiki that we know today was born in Japan almost 100 years ago and is today the most known energy technique in the world.

The Angel Reiki is a less known tradition, in harmony with the Angels, whose symbols derive from Nature. It works on the preparation of the soul at the beginning of the path of inner awareness, acts on body-heart-soul and gives peace and serenity to the person. This tradition is divided into 6 levels (including the Master level).

  • How was this technique channeled for the first time?

The Angel Reiki was born several years ago, during a convention of Reiki Masters, during which a man defined the levels and explained the symbols of this tradition. Unfortunately, at the end of the conference the participants could not find him again despite an intense search. He had disappeared and they began to think that he was an angel who had come to bring them this teaching.

During my growth path, I noticed that all the techniques I studied brought me to the Angels and the Reiki Usui brought me to the Angel Reiki. As they say, “when the pupil is ready, the master appears!“.

  • Many of us have never had direct experiences with the Angels. How would you describe them?

Angels are energies that emanate from the Divine (you can call it whatever you like: God, Allah, Creator, Source… the Divine exists independently of religions). An angelic experience is easy to recognize because it always brings you calm, serenity and a deep feeling of love. The difficulty lies in us! First of all we must ask, because the Angels respect our free will and do not intervene if we do not ask for help.

Secondly, we must learn to receive their messages: listen to them, hear them, perceive them, see them… Unfortunately we often pass by the angelic advice without realizing that we have already received the answer to our question, and it is only because we are too focused on ourselves. With the Angel Reiki we can learn to raise our frequency to perceive angels. One of the levels is dedicated to channeling and it is wonderful to see people understand that they can easily receive angelic answers.

  • Tell us what you can expect from a session of Angel Reiki.

The treatment with Angel Reiki is sweet, respectful of your person and your soul. Its energy offers relaxation of mind and heart, in order to feel more calm, centered and regenerated, before returning to your life with greater energy and positivity.

Everyone can receive it, even small children or elderly people who are more fragile, and this thanks to his delicate, angelic energy.

  • What are the reasons that lead a person to ask you for a session of Reiki of the Angels? And what are the benefits?

When a person feels attracted to the Angels, she/he asks me for the Angel Reiki. It is a simple matter of affinity.

The benefits are numerous:

– better understanding of emotions and let go of anger, frustration or guilt

– calming the mind and being able to sleep better

– start a path of awareness

– learn to channel angels to receive their advice directly

This is the testimony that someone sent me some time after attending level 1: “Hi Nathalie. I wanted to tell you that thanks to Reiki I can walk up and down the mountains. I didn’t think about it but then, but while I was going up a hill and couldn’t take it anymore, I visualized the symbols… I didn’t think about fatigue and, on the contrary, I felt stronger than usual. I wanted to share this with you and thank you for letting me know about this energy“.

  • Do you need a special talent or is it possible for anyone to learn Angels Reiki? If so, how?

Everyone can learn to use Angels Reiki! It is a wonderful path of awareness composed of different levels through which you learn to: restore energy balance in all the subtle bodies of the person; helping others, even from distance; bring harmony to problematic situations (ours or other’s); program objects and environments; cleanse the aura and chakras of people, objects or environments from the presence of heavy energies; contact the angels directly for us and others. At the end of the path you can become Angel Reiki Master and teach others.

  • Is it possible to practice Angel Reiki on oneself?

Of course! With 1st level, you learn to perform self-treatment and, with 2nd level, even if it seems incredible to people who know little about Reiki, you learn how to deal with yourself remotly! And not only that, we can treat our difficult situations or relationships and get excellent solutions.

  • What are the goals for you and the Anthea studio for the near future?

My main desire is to communicate to women that they can improve their lives differently. I would like them to learn to feel free and independent of the conditioning they have received (like me) from their family, education, school, advertising… They are fantastic people and are looking for solutions in the holistic sector when everything else has not worked yet.

I would like to add that I do not work on a medical level and that a doctor must always be consulted when it is necessary, but holistic techniques can complement traditional treatments with great benefits. Moreover, Reiki is increasingly present in hospitals around the world.

This is why I chose to open a hoslitic practice where different techniques work together, where you can ask and receive help, learn about and harmonize emotions and thoughts, have the necessary time and a welcoming space to “find yourself”, receive suggestions and solutions for your own well-being… because you can learn, grow and know yourself on all levels of your being.

My professional practice is not a place of care, but of harmony and positive energy, where one can be listened to and be understood.

  • Which Angel accompanies us in this week’s energy?

This week, I’m working with the archangel Ariel, whose name means “Lion (or Lioness) of God”. It is closely connected with nature, fairies and elements and the day before yesterday, photographing the colors of my garden, I realized that it was always close to me. Ariel helps us to feel a sense of interconnection with nature, with all the forces and energies of Gaia, our Mother Earth, and with all beings both of this world and of other worlds.

Everyone can invoke it and feel its presence during a walk in a city park, in a forest or by the sea. Try!

  • Thank you very much Nathalie for the valuable information, tell us about your upcoming events and where readers can find you.

Thank you Laura. It was an honor to be interviewed by you and explain my work to readers.

You are always welcome and you can find me via my blog site where I publish articles related to Angel Reiki and other techniques:


or my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TecnicheHolistiche/

The scheduled activities are always listed on the website’s Home Page.
I am preparing the program for the beginning of next year with new courses of Angel Reiki, Reiki Usui, Karmic Reiki, Money Reiki, days and experiential workshops with the Aura-Soma, my course for “Learning to know and contact the Angels”, the course on the “Tarot of the Angels”, evenings during which we can exchange Reiki treatments and other during which we can do meditation with the Angels.

I am also organizing workshops in collaboration with other therapists, where Reiki, Aura-Soma and the Angels will meet with other holistic techniques.

In short, there are ideas and they are developing, always with the common thread that tends to make people independent and free in their choices, to recognize their gifts and talents… to have the opportunity to rediscover themselves during sessions or courses in my holistic practice.

Testimonials on Past Life Regression

I have recently had several requests from people asking me for a session of past life regression, or simply looking for more information about it, especially considering the method I use and what to expect during the actual practice. For all that concerns the regression in general, you can visit this other article on my blog, where I explain in a detailed way (but not at all boring, promised!) everything about this wonderful technique.

But today I would like to tell you more about my personal experience, and that of some people who came to me to try regression. People with a story, a past, a present, different demands and objectives, but all united by the will-power to improve themselves and to dissolve those karmic chains that bind us in a negative way to the past of our soul.

Consent has been obtained and the names have been changed with respect to privacy.

From rags… to riches

Anyone approaching regression for the first time, obviously daydreams about the possible people, perhaps famous, rich and important, that could have been. But soon we realize that the reality is quite different. Usually “perfect” lives in which everything is beautiful, harmonious and flowing happily without problems are excellent for making “downloads” of talents or emotions that we want to bring back here and now. But they are also quite rare. The lives in which we have suffered, fought, and have really learned something essential are those that are difficult and harsh, and they are those that we must certainly resolve.

I remember one of the first sessions I did and, as a jumper, I could see 3/4 lives in less than an hour. How glad I was to have discovered that I was a Roman senator! Or a scientist during the Enlightenment! Or a Middle Eastern princess! Don’t get me wrong, they were all lives that I had to resolve, also because they were full of important moments, talents to download and experiences to internalize. Not all that shines is gold.

I then wondered if it was all true what I had seen, or if I had simply made it up in my mind. I did some research, discovering that the Roman senators really did speak ancient Greek during official meetings, and that those strange drawings I had seen were Torricelli’s projects. I was deeply moved. I wanted to try again to regress to other lives, this time with a totally different goal. I wanted to work on abundance and was initially taken to a time when I was a rich merchant. Of course, I thought, how many talents this man must have had to create his fortune! Then, I experienced only lives of great poverty, of hard work and hardship, but all in all happy in their simplicity and indigence.

I was a senator, a princess, a scientist and a rich merchant. Yes, but I have also been a nun with votes of chastity and poverty, a peasant woman deprived of her family and her land, a fisherman who has known true labor and what it means to have a broken heart. I have been many things, but first of all a human being who has lived, even literally, from the rags to riches. And it was illuminating and beautiful.

Client: “Are we sure that I didn’t just imagine everything?”

Me: “If you imagined everything, why didn’t you choose to see something beautiful, instead of these traumatic events?”

Customer: “Good question …”

Fly like a bird

I have noticed over time and after having made many people regress, that obviously not only the experiences change, but also the “way” of experiencing and seeing them. I’ll explain. When entering the regression, it is like jumping into a scenario. Most of the time people see themselves inside another body, so looking down they just see their feet and clothes of that time and around them a landscape with a point of view at eye level.

However a couple of people proved different in this respect, and as soon as they entered the life they wanted to see, they saw themselves from above. As if they were birds flying over the country and the people below them. But it was clear to them who they were among the crowd, and they followed their person wherever he/she moved. For these people it may be more difficult to “go through themselves” to capture an emotion, but besides this I haven’t noticed any other differences. I still can’t explain why some customers have this point of view compared to others.

Client: “I see myself, but like … from above. I mean, I know that I am that monk who is walking down the street, I recognize myself, but I see my head and everything else. I feel like I’m flying like a bird!”

The eyes are the mirror of the soul

Many people ask me to work on the relationship with their loved ones in this life, and to do so we must resolve the lives in which those souls have known each other. You will wonder how do you recognise people during the regression. In ancient times the Romans said “the eyes are the mirror of the soul” and they were right.

When you want to recognise some poeple of this reincarnation during the regression, look at that person in the eyes. You will feel a very strong feeling of knowing who they are, of having already seen them and of knowing them deeply. The name will come to your mind immediately. It happened to me and to many others.

However, a strange thing happened to a client of mine, and in my opinion it was fantastic. She recognised her daughter during the regression because she saw two faces overlapping, as if one overlapped like a ghost over the other. At that point she was 100% sure that this was her daughter. This client of mine is very physiognomist, she does not remember the names well but faces very well and in fact she could also see the details of the faces during the regression, something that is more difficult for me personally. I think this helps to make the vision more detailed and particular.

Customer: “I see her, who she is … Clarissa! She is my daughter but she is also that woman! It’s so strange, the two faces overlap like two spirits in one”

Feel on your skin

Regression can also help improve a physical state of illness or just achieve perfect health. A client of mine improved the frequent headaches from which he suffered, discovering that in the past he had to wear a heavy mask as a chief priest of a temple. Even the weight of being a leader (ie boss, head) was too much for him. During the session he felt a strong sense of heaviness in the head, which then faded away and in time reduced even the frequency of his migraines.

Many other customers had physical sensations during the regression, but never intense or unbearable pain. Someone while he was running in the past life had shortness of breath. One person felt his arm tingle and a heavy weight in his chest when he was about to die of a heart attack. Another, who died by hanging, a sense of tightness around his neck. Of course this can be all our mental influence, but nevertheless I find it very interesting.

Client: “Can we leave this moment please? I don’t feel my arm anymore and I have a weight on my chest … I feel weak”

Me: “I’ll take you away immediately, don’t worry, you’re safe”

A look to the past and one to the future

Few know that the crystal layout technique also allows you to go and work on your future in this incarnation. This allows the person to eliminate the blocks that hinder him/her now, and to create the life that he/she wants. I should remind you that we can all change our future, and that if we work on our fears, traumas and blocks we can achieve our goals.

Customer: “It’s beautiful, it’s a fantastic house! And I like the job I will do, I want it. But I don’t want to be alone … let’s change this, I want a family and a companion. I can have both… I want everything”

Coronavirus Update!

I will be able to open again for face-to-face treatments from September. Time between appointments will be longer to allow a deep cleaning of space and tools and to avoid clients to meet in the facility. On the arrival you will be asked to answer a simple questionnaire. Safety is of the upmost importance to me, and that's why I am tested every week and I will be wearing PPEs. Until further notice I will not perform any treatment close to your face, unless you will be able to wear a provided mask. Thanks for your understanding and your cooperation. Stay safe!