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The Archer – Book review

“Each arrow flies differently. You can shoot a thousand arrows and each one will follow a different trajectory: that is …

What is the best Tarot deck for you?

Choosing a Tarot deck is never easy, whether you’re a complete beginner or an expert. There are literally hundreds of …

Which is the best massage for you?

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SCENAR Healing – How I straightened up my back in 40 min

A couple of months ago I started to have a very annoying pain in my right shoulder, as if someone …

Allineamento Armonico Vertebrale – Un’intervista a Claudia Bondi / Harmonic Spinal Alignment – An Interview with Claudia Bondi

Articolo bilingue, per la versione Inglese scorrere in basso! Bilingual article, for the English version scroll down! Come molti di …

Fight PMS with Natural Remedies

If you are a woman and you are part of the 80% of female population that experience PMS, you know …

7 Planes of Existence

The concept of “planes of existence” comes from the shamanic and mythological traditional idea that the world is structured on …
Laura Cocconi in a Poppy field

Hi, I’m Laura!

I write about holistic healing, which I’m fortunate to work with. Here you’ll find articles about the treatments I practice as well as other areas of healing, alternative medicine and Eastern medicine. Some articles are published thanks to the collaboration with other holistic therapists which kindly shared their knowledge.

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Coronavirus Update!

I am glad to announce that I am now able to offer face to face treatments! Safety is still the upmost important: PPEs are always used and the time between treatmets has been extended to guarantee the correct deep cleaning of the area. Massages are still suspended until further notice. If your appointment has been cancelled in the past due to Covid, you are now able to reschedule and still use your discount code. Thank you and take care!