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Allineamento Armonico Vertebrale – Un’intervista a Claudia Bondi / Harmonic Spinal Alignment – An Interview with Claudia Bondi

Articolo bilingue, per la versione Inglese scorrere in basso! Bilingual article, for the English version scroll down! Come molti di …

Fight PMS with Natural Remedies

If you are a woman and you are part of the 80% of female population that experience PMS, you know …

7 Planes of Existence

The concept of “planes of existence” comes from the shamanic and mythological traditional idea that the world is structured on …

Erbe e piante medicinali che non sapevi di avere nel tuo giardino (o balcone)

Al giorno d’oggi quando siamo malati siamo abituati a prendere subito una pillola o una piccola iniezione per sentirci meglio …

Who is a doula?

In the last few years I have lived abroad I have increasingly heard about “doulas”, whose existence and role I …

The Spiritual Spine

In a mother’s womb, the spine is one of the first thing that is formed. Anatomically and physically our spine …

The Great Dictionary of Metamedicine – Book review

Claudia Rainville, author of the international best seller “Le Grand Dictionnaire of Métamédicine, chaque symptome est un message” (aka “The …
Laura Cocconi in a Poppy field

Hi, I’m Laura!

I write about holistic healing, which I’m fortunate to work with. Here you’ll find articles about the treatments I practice as well as other areas of healing, alternative medicine and Eastern medicine. Some articles are published thanks to the collaboration with other holistic therapists which kindly shared their knowledge.

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Coronavirus Update!

Unfortunately, due to the new rules of Tier 4 in Brighton and Hove area, I won't be able to open for face to face treatments. If you have already booked an appointment, you will be fully refunded. You will receive an email reminding you when I will be able to open again and, if you want, you will be able to reschedule your treatment. You will still be able to use a discount code if you booked a treatment using one. Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe!