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Past Life Regression

Many past life regression methods exist, but using crystals is definitely a unique experience. It enables the client to see, sense, or know their own past life experiences, rather than completely relying on the practitioner. The client is guided and accompanied by the practitioner in this special relaxing journey, in a powerful but painless and gentle way to experience a past life regression without the drama.

Experiencing your own past lives can facilitate healing and big improvements in your current life. Infact, this therapy is great for:

  • Downloading into this lifetime the knowledge, skills, talents and gifts from past lives to help you now
  • Breaking patterns of fears, phobias, pain or physical problems
  • Reconnecting and rediscovering past life relationships with people in this life
  • Receiving spiritual guidance

…and many many more! There are plenty of possibilities and this experience can help you see things now with more clarity and help you become who you want to be.


Past life regression is a unique experience, I felt like floating. Thanks to this I solved and understood many blocks I had.

5 star rating

Beatrice – Parma

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