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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is 90 minutes long (including consultation).

The treatment: Using crystals to access your past lives is definitely a unique experience, as you will be able to see, sense, and know your past lives, rather than completely relying on the practitioner. You will be guided and accompanied by the practitioner in this special gentle journey, in a powerful but painless way to experience a past life regression without the drama.

The benefits: Experiencing your own past lives can facilitate healing and big improvements in your current life. Infact, this therapy is great for:

  • Resolve traumas
  • Downloading into this lifetime the knowledge, skills, talents and gifts from past lives to help you now
  • Breaking patterns of fears, phobias, pain or physical problems
  • Reconnecting and rediscovering past life relationships with people in this life
  • Receiving spiritual guidance

…and many many more! There are plenty of possibilities and this experience can help you see things with more clarity and help you become who you want to be.

Past life regression Brighton - Silhouetted man in an old archway.

Past life regression is a unique experience, I felt like floating. Thanks to this I solved and understood many blocks I had.

Beatrice – Parma

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Dear Abundy's supporters and friends, It is with sadness that I have to announce the temporarily closure of Abundy Studio due to unexpected circumstances. During this time you can stay tuned and read the Abundy blog, but all the treatments will be suspended until further notice. Hopefully we won't stay close for long! Thank you for your understanding and support. With Love and Gratitude.