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7 Planes of Existence

The concept of “planes of existence” comes from the shamanic and mythological traditional idea that the world is structured on a vertical axis. This could be for example similar to a mountain or a tree divided in floors or areas, each of them representing something or holding some type of creatures and knowledge. As a matter of fact, nowadays the modern esoterism refers to a plane as a subtle state, level, or region of reality, each one corresponding to some type, kind, or category of being. Definetely not far from the tradition.

According to ThetaHealing’s theory

For those who are a bit familiar with ThetaHealing (click on the link for more info) this concept of the cosmic planes should definitely ring a bell. Infact, according to the founder of this technique, Vianna Stibal, there are 7 planes of existence.

They are the seen and unseen energies that define the different dimensions of this universe, and they are so vast that the human mind in a normal daily state cannot comprehend them. That’s why when we are using the Theta brain waves we are able to perceive these inexplicable forces.

Each of the planes has its own particular energy, better described as a vibration. These vibrations are the essence of life in all its forms, all the existence as we know it. The frequency of vibration is what makes the planes different to one another: the higher the frequency of vibration, the faster the atoms move. For instance, the molecules in the solid objects of the 1st Plane move very slowly, then they start moving more quickly on the 2nd Plane and so on through all the other planes.

Each plane of existence is subject to its own conditions, rules, laws and commitments. By their very nature, the first 6 planes are not perfect, but the 7th Plane has the fastest vibrations and it has the essence of truth and divinity, what we may refer to as the Source or Universal Energy.

  • The 7th Plane of existence

As I’ve just written, this is the plane were lies the Pure Love and Universal Energy, the life-force energy that flows through all things. Here we can realise that we are all part of everything, that the energy is one and flows in each of us. On the 7th Plane, we can use the energies of all the planes without being bound by any vow or commitment to them, because the energy of the Seventh Plane creates the others.

  • The 6th Plane of existence

This is the plane of the Laws that create the very basic web of the Universe and reality, such as the Law of Time, the Law of Gravity, the Law of Cause and Effect (or Karma) and many more. The Laws are usually represente dby a symbol and they are categorised in Main Laws with sub-laws etc. like a sort of “hierarchy”.

  • The 5th Plane of existence

This is the plane of the divine and semi-divine beings, the plane of the masters, such as the Buddha and other masters that have changed the human history for good. It is divided into different sub-levels of vibration, like some sort of stair, and the lower level is the ultimate dualism. Dualism means that this is the place where both Good and Bad coexist (for instance Angels and Demons).

  • The 4th Plane of existence

This plane is where the spirits arrive and stay after death, where our ancestors are and where we will go after we will pass away. This is also the realm of spirits guide and totem animals.

  • The 3rd Plane of existence

This is the plane of protein-based life forms, such as humans and animals. Our souls need to experience the challenge of emotions and instinctual desires, and the reality of being in a human body in a physical world. All of this, in order to gain experience and learn our lessons until we won’t need to reincarnate anymore and we can ascend as masters in the 5th Plane. Our spirits will always stay in the 4th Plane, as spirit and soul are two different things.

  • The 2nd Plane of existence

All the organic material like plants and trees stay in this plane. It is well known that trees and plants can communicate with each other and that they are the most evoluted creatures on this planet (that’s right!). Fairies and elementals are also attracted to this plane because trees and plants are their home and support.

  • The 1st Plane of existence

This plane consists of all the inorganic material like minerals, crystals, soil, and rocks, all the elements in the periodic table before they bind to carbon bases (and so become organic).


All the planes of existence are linked to each other to form our reality and the whole universe. Learning about the nature of each plane brings us a better understanding of these links and will open us to what each plane has to teach us. Not only we are part of this, but we ARE the planes of existence. Exactly, every plane is working outside and inside our body in complete harmony and balance to create and sustain life.

Infact, the human body is made up of 5 different compounds: lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acid (DNA), and ATP (energy). Each of these is linked to a particular plane and together create who we are.

Our physical, mental and spiritual health depends on having enough of these compounds. If they are lacking in our body, there will be a lack in other areas of our life. For instance a lack of 4th-Plane (carbohydrates) is a lack of energy, or a lack of 2nd-Plane (vitamins) is a lack of love, and so on.

Utilizing the Planes

Back in the days, a person was expected to master the energy of one plane of existence at a time, usually after a spiritual initiation. Think about schamans or crystal healers.

Thankfully now, we can open up and learn how to fuse the elements of the planes into one energy, although we still have to go through lessons. As we develop our psychic and healing abilities, we will naturally connect to the energies of the planes and learn how to use them for our spiritual growth.

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