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Same Soul Many Bodies – Book Review

The number of days and years one lives on Earth is insignificant. It’s the quality of those days and years that’s important, quality measured in loving acts and achieved wisdom. Some people do more good in one day than others do in a hundred years. This is their message. Every soul, every person is precious. Every person helped, every life aided or saved, is immeasurably valuable.

For those wondering who is the author of this (and many others) book, you must know that Brian Weiss is an American psychiatrist, hypnotherapist, and writer who specializes in past life regression. His research includes reincarnation, past life regression, future life progression, and survival of the human soul after death.

Same Soul, Many Bodies – Discover the Healing Power of Future Lives Through Progression Therapy especially focuses on the idea and belief that looking at past lives through regression therapy (or the future of our present life through progression therapy) can heal illnesses, emotional and physical pain and relationship issues in your life today. The book’s subtitle suggests mainly ‘future lives’, but as I have already mentioned it also covers past life case studies, so well written, intense and based on people common problems that the reader can actually learn much about themselves from reading the book without actually having the therapy itself.

I read this book few years ago when I just started to do past life regression on myself (and then to other people), so I was already experiencing the awe and amazing emotion of discovering something new that opens up your mind, heart and soul. Something that connects these three layers all togheter and with everything around you and answers to the questions you have asked yourself and the universe many times. At least some of the questions I had.

This is the beauty of this book, not only that it opens up the readers a new way to see the world and themselves, but also to begin considering new potentials to have a happy life. A reminder that you create your life. Obviously the book won’t directly solve issues in your life immediately, but you can relate to the stories told and it builds the reader’s acceptance that their life can be happy and magnificent. That is why you need to be openminded and ready for acceptance in order to read and appreciating this book properly. For instance, if you do not believe at all in reincarnation, spirituality and therapeutic healing, then you will question and contest this book too much without taking the benefits it can offer.

Concluding, overall it is an inspirational, easy to read book, that brings in people the positiveness, spirituality and believes we should all start to have for a better future.

The important question regarding spirituality is not which God you follow but are you true to your soul? Are you living a spiritual life? Are you a kind person here on earth, getting joy from your existence, causing no harm, and doing good to others? Don’t push the river. It will travel at its own speed anyway. 
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