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SCENAR Healing – How I straightened up my back in 40 min

A couple of months ago I started to have a very annoying pain in my right shoulder, as if someone was repetedly stabbing me with a knife right next to it. The pain was sometimes irradiating up to my neck and down to my elbow, and everything I tried to do to improve this pain was just having a temporary effect. I am well aware of my bad posture, which is something I have been trying to fix for a very long time, some periods doing better than others.

But destiny decided to give me a hand and let me meet a wonderful human being, Tom Askew, who has become my neighbour. Being both of us healers, we started talking and I decided to book a session with him and his “magic machine”. Let me tell you, the results were very impressive! In this article I want to share my experience with Tom, and let him talk about Scenar because trust me, it is someting you don’t want to miss.

What is a SCENAR machine?

SCENAR stands for “Self-Controlling Energy Neuro-Adaptive Regulator” and is a small handsized machine. It is a medical technology developed first for the Soviet Space Program for healing astronauts without using common drugs, and it is now known as the world’s most technically advanced pain relief/healing device.

How does it work?

Unlike painkillers, SCENAR doesn’t mask pain, but it works with the brain and central nervous system to redirect the body’s focus onto the painful condition or injury and encourages it to heal itself. It is basically a reminder for our brain to start healing again after it has forgotten how and where to do it!

The SCENAR machine is held against the body and through the skin it emits electromagnetic waves, which travel along the central nervous system to the brain. These pulses are very similar to the body’s nerve signals so the brain recognises them and reacts by producing mediators, hormones and other chemicals, which reduce the sensation of pain.

The SCENAR device can interpret the brain’s response and modifies its next impulse back to the brain to work at restoring balance to the body (called active biofeedback). The brain, in return, sends a modified response and so on, until balance and healing is achieved.

After an injury or onset of disease the communication system between the brain and the affected body part can “break down” or “get used to” the signal from that body part, and that’s why many conditions become chronic and unresponsive to treatment. SCENAR breaks the body out of this habit and restores correct communication resulting in effective and more complete healing.

Why it is different from other devices or techniques?

The SCENAR machine has a real-time feedback and constant adjustment to deliver the right type and amount of energy where is needed. That’s why it is very useful to diagnose as well where the pain is starting from, as it detects in numbers where the electromagnetic waves are imbalanced and should be used.

Who can benefit from scenar?

Everyone, regardless of their age! SCENAR can help people with all sorts of short and long-term musculoskeletal conditions, and injuries. The most common local effects are stimulating the skin, blood vessels and muscles. General effects on the body include influencing nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

A treatment with SCENAR is absolutely non-invasive and therefore, the side effects are minimal. Worst case scenario it does nothing! But pacemaker is the main contraindication for receiving a treatment. 

What does a treatment feel like?

After SCENAR therapy you may feel more relaxed and enjoy better quality sleep. Personally during the treatment I felt some sort of tingling over my skin and a hot sensation coming in waves in my body. After, I felt generally more energised and balanced, kind of more in peace and very very thirsty!

How long before you see any results?

It obviously depends on the nature of your issue and how long you’ve had it for. Some people experience improvement after just one or two treatments, others benefit from having regular treatments for a few weeks or months. I personally improved a lot just after a treatment: my posture was immediately better and straighter, my pain was gone and I felt more energised.

Tom has trained with and worked alongside Russian Doctors since 1999 and he is a very powerful and capable healer, other than being a very nice person! Tom works with the very latest devices, the SCENAR Super Pro and the COSMODIC ENS. After attending a course there are many different type of devices you can purchase and use yourself, according to what you are looking for and how much you want to spend.

If you want to book a treatment, purchase a machine or simply know more about SCENAR, you can contact Tom at his website: www.tomaskew.com

(Some material, information and pictures were taken from www.tomaskew.com, with the kind concession from Tom).

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