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The Spiritual Spine

In a mother’s womb, the spine is one of the first thing that is formed. Anatomically and physically our spine is the support we rely on every day. It supports us and, thanks to the spinal cord and the various nerves, allows our body to move and experience sensations transmitted to the brain. Being part of our Central Nervous System, the spine and its health define the quality of our lives. 

Also on a spiritual level, the spine is the source of all our energy. It is no coincidence that it is where the major energy channels (in TCM), meridians and chakras lie in our body. If you roughly remember an article I recently wrote on Metamedicine, you immediately understand that every part of the body and its imbalances or diseases are associated with a possible mental block or negative belief. The spine is obviously no different and not only reflects this process, but also gives us a very interesting key to understand ourselves.

If you take a look at the images below, you can see how the spine is connected to each organ thanks to the nerves and in the second one, where all the 7 chakras are located on the spine levels and their functions and issues.

If you have a problem in a particular area of your spine or any of the related functions, for example digestion (other than speaking with your doctor obviously!), you can work on the associated chakra and keep a record of any improvements or not. If you want to get even deeper and more specific, I created a tab-map that specify the negative blockages of every single vertebra. You can find it here in English and Italian (where C stands for cervical/cervicale, T stands for thoracic/toracica and L stands for lumbar/lombare):



C1 – Overthinking

C1 – Troppi pensieri e idee in confusione

C2 – Deny yourself and your desires

C2 – Negare se stessi e i propri desideri

C3 – Be what you do and how you behave

C3 – Essere quel che si fa

C4 – Guilt and anger

C4 – Senso di colpa e rabbia

C5 – Speak out, express yourself

C5 – Esprimersi in tutti i sensi, parlare

C6 – Carry a weight

C6 – Portare un peso

C7 – Fear of not making it

C7 – Paura di non farcela

T1 – Fear of losing someone or something

T1 – Paura di perdere qualcuno o qualcosa

T2 – Feeling suffocated

T2 – Sentirsi soffocare

T3 – Injustice and unjustified phobias

T3 – Ingiustizia e fobie ingiustificate

T4 – Fear of love and/or being loved

T4 – Paura di amare e/o essere amati

T5 – Fear of failing

T5 – Paura di fallire

T6 – Jealousy and/or envy

T6 – Gelosia e/o invidia

T7 – Conflicts, feeling trapped

T7 – Conflitti, sentirsi in trappola

T8 – Obsessions, not letting go

T8 – Ossessioni, non lasciare andare

T9 – Fear of abandonment

T9 – Paura dell’abbandono

T10 – Fear of losing control

T10 – Paura di perdere il controllo

T11 – Not value yourself and your external image

T11 – Non valorizzare se stessi a la propria immagine esteriore

T12 – Fear of not being perfect

T12 – Paura di non essere perfetti

L1 – Insecurities, fears related to money

L1 – Insicurezze, paure correlate al denaro

L2 – Humiliation and shame

L2 – Umiliazione e vergogna

L3 – Feeling betrayed

L3 – Sentirsi traditi

L4 – Rejection of sexuality

L4 – Rifiuto della sessualità

L5 – Feeling vulnerable

L5 – Sentirsi vulnerabili

Sacrum – Be too influenced by others

Sacro – Lasciarsi influenzare troppo dagli altri

Coccyx – Stubborness

Coccige – Intestardirsi sulle proprie convinzioni

Other than working on the chakra linked with the area of interest, you can also book a session of “Spiritual Spine Straightening“, which I am going to talk about in a future article.






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