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Testimonials on Past Life Regression

I have recently had several requests from people asking me for a session of past life regression, or simply looking for more information about it, especially considering the method I use and what to expect during the actual practice. For all that concerns the regression in general, you can visit this other article on my blog, where I explain in a detailed way (but not at all boring, promised!) everything about this wonderful technique.

But today I would like to tell you more about my personal experience, and that of some people who came to me to try regression. People with a story, a past, a present, different demands and objectives, but all united by the will-power to improve themselves and to dissolve those karmic chains that bind us in a negative way to the past of our soul.

Consent has been obtained and the names have been changed with respect to privacy.

From rags… to riches

Anyone approaching regression for the first time, obviously daydreams about the possible people, perhaps famous, rich and important, that could have been. But soon we realize that the reality is quite different. Usually “perfect” lives in which everything is beautiful, harmonious and flowing happily without problems are excellent for making “downloads” of talents or emotions that we want to bring back here and now. But they are also quite rare. The lives in which we have suffered, fought, and have really learned something essential are those that are difficult and harsh, and they are those that we must certainly resolve.

I remember one of the first sessions I did and, as a jumper, I could see 3/4 lives in less than an hour. How glad I was to have discovered that I was a Roman senator! Or a scientist during the Enlightenment! Or a Middle Eastern princess! Don’t get me wrong, they were all lives that I had to resolve, also because they were full of important moments, talents to download and experiences to internalize. Not all that shines is gold.

I then wondered if it was all true what I had seen, or if I had simply made it up in my mind. I did some research, discovering that the Roman senators really did speak ancient Greek during official meetings, and that those strange drawings I had seen were Torricelli’s projects. I was deeply moved. I wanted to try again to regress to other lives, this time with a totally different goal. I wanted to work on abundance and was initially taken to a time when I was a rich merchant. Of course, I thought, how many talents this man must have had to create his fortune! Then, I experienced only lives of great poverty, of hard work and hardship, but all in all happy in their simplicity and indigence.

I was a senator, a princess, a scientist and a rich merchant. Yes, but I have also been a nun with votes of chastity and poverty, a peasant woman deprived of her family and her land, a fisherman who has known true labor and what it means to have a broken heart. I have been many things, but first of all a human being who has lived, even literally, from the rags to riches. And it was illuminating and beautiful.

Client: “Are we sure that I didn’t just imagine everything?”

Me: “If you imagined everything, why didn’t you choose to see something beautiful, instead of these traumatic events?”

Customer: “Good question …”

Fly like a bird

I have noticed over time and after having made many people regress, that obviously not only the experiences change, but also the “way” of experiencing and seeing them. I’ll explain. When entering the regression, it is like jumping into a scenario. Most of the time people see themselves inside another body, so looking down they just see their feet and clothes of that time and around them a landscape with a point of view at eye level.

However a couple of people proved different in this respect, and as soon as they entered the life they wanted to see, they saw themselves from above. As if they were birds flying over the country and the people below them. But it was clear to them who they were among the crowd, and they followed their person wherever he/she moved. For these people it may be more difficult to “go through themselves” to capture an emotion, but besides this I haven’t noticed any other differences. I still can’t explain why some customers have this point of view compared to others.

Client: “I see myself, but like … from above. I mean, I know that I am that monk who is walking down the street, I recognize myself, but I see my head and everything else. I feel like I’m flying like a bird!”

The eyes are the mirror of the soul

Many people ask me to work on the relationship with their loved ones in this life, and to do so we must resolve the lives in which those souls have known each other. You will wonder how do you recognise people during the regression. In ancient times the Romans said “the eyes are the mirror of the soul” and they were right.

When you want to recognise some poeple of this reincarnation during the regression, look at that person in the eyes. You will feel a very strong feeling of knowing who they are, of having already seen them and of knowing them deeply. The name will come to your mind immediately. It happened to me and to many others.

However, a strange thing happened to a client of mine, and in my opinion it was fantastic. She recognised her daughter during the regression because she saw two faces overlapping, as if one overlapped like a ghost over the other. At that point she was 100% sure that this was her daughter. This client of mine is very physiognomist, she does not remember the names well but faces very well and in fact she could also see the details of the faces during the regression, something that is more difficult for me personally. I think this helps to make the vision more detailed and particular.

Customer: “I see her, who she is … Clarissa! She is my daughter but she is also that woman! It’s so strange, the two faces overlap like two spirits in one”

Feel on your skin

Regression can also help improve a physical state of illness or just achieve perfect health. A client of mine improved the frequent headaches from which he suffered, discovering that in the past he had to wear a heavy mask as a chief priest of a temple. Even the weight of being a leader (ie boss, head) was too much for him. During the session he felt a strong sense of heaviness in the head, which then faded away and in time reduced even the frequency of his migraines.

Many other customers had physical sensations during the regression, but never intense or unbearable pain. Someone while he was running in the past life had shortness of breath. One person felt his arm tingle and a heavy weight in his chest when he was about to die of a heart attack. Another, who died by hanging, a sense of tightness around his neck. Of course this can be all our mental influence, but nevertheless I find it very interesting.

Client: “Can we leave this moment please? I don’t feel my arm anymore and I have a weight on my chest … I feel weak”

Me: “I’ll take you away immediately, don’t worry, you’re safe”

A look to the past and one to the future

Few know that the crystal layout technique also allows you to go and work on your future in this incarnation. This allows the person to eliminate the blocks that hinder him/her now, and to create the life that he/she wants. I should remind you that we can all change our future, and that if we work on our fears, traumas and blocks we can achieve our goals.

Customer: “It’s beautiful, it’s a fantastic house! And I like the job I will do, I want it. But I don’t want to be alone … let’s change this, I want a family and a companion. I can have both… I want everything”

How to Cleanse your Crystals – Come Pulire i vostri Cristalli

Bilingual article, for Italian scroll down! Articolo bilingue, per l’Italiano far scorrere in basso!

Today I’d like to talk to those who regularly use crystals for regression, holistic therapies, meditation, etc. and give you some advice on how to cleanse them, purify them and recharge them with new energy once they’ve been used. All these precious information were provided to me by Federico Cella, whom I warmly thank!


After we have bought our crystals it is necessary to clean them and one of the fundamental methods is with the element of water. Running cold and clean water over the stones (the ideal would be pure water from a stream, but also tap water is fine) for a few seconds on the left hand, then dry with a cotton cloth. We should not use this method with all the stones, because contact with water can make some of them opaque and lose their shine: azurite, turquoise, chrysocolla, cyanite. In addition, these stones contain copper and may oxidize with water. Same thing for hematite, pyrite and magnetite containing iron, so in these cases use other methods listed below.


We put the crystals or stones in a crock, glass or wood and cover them with coarse sea salt. Let them rest for one, three or seven nights (these are three esoteric numbers, we choose the time to use based on our feeling). Once this is done, we place the entire container under a stream of running water which we let run for 30min / 1H, then dry it with a cotton cloth. If we have purified stones that do not “love water” we obviously remove them before rinsing. This procedure is not indicated for: cyanite, opal (loves water but not salt), azurite, aragonite, selenite, dioptase and other very delicate stones. Also remember to be careful when purifying jewels containing silver and copper that oxidize with water and salt. WARNING! THE COMBINATION OF WATER AND SALT TOGETHER CAN BE CORROSIVE FOR MANY CRYSTALS


We put our crystal on a window or rather in a garden or in a vase of plants / flowers and leave it there for at least three days, it is not important to collect them for the night. In resonance with the sun very dark minerals linked to the earth are perfect, such as obsidian, tourmaline, jasper etc. We pay attention to transparent colored crystals: do not expose them to direct sunlight, because they will tend to lighten, so we possibly use other methods for these crystals.


This is a great method not only to clean the crystal but also to boost it to maximum energy. During the waxing moon or the full moon night we put the stones near the roots of a tree or in a vase that we have on the balcony, or otherwise on a cotton cloth and leave them there all night long. If you want to maximize the crystal, perform the treatment for the whole crescent moon phase, placing the stones during the day, for example in a box, and handle them as little as possible. This method is used to purify and recharge the stones and crystals that are considered “feminine”: the amethyst, the moonstone, the celestine, opals, chrysoprase (all methods applicable to this stone), damburite, dioptase, fluorite (azure-violet), kunzite, meteorite, hyaline quartz (all methods applicable to this stone), so all transparent, blue, violet or stones working on female emotions: sensitivity, dreams and perceptions.


The longest but also the most complete treatment consists in burying the stones during the new or full moon and letting them rest for the entire moon phase, or 28 days. This process unites the energies of Mother Earth with those of Heaven. There are also various types of clay, the most readily available and least expensive is the ventilated green clay, available in all herbalists. We put the stones in a crock, glass or wood and we cover them with clay, for three, seven, nine or eleven nights (they are other esoteric numbers, we choose which ones to use based on our feeling). After the days we have chosen, we remove the clay (which we can throw away or recycle using it as soil) and put the stones in a clean container, always in natural material, letting a stream of fresh water flow for about 1H. Then we take the stones and dry them with a clean cotton cloth. WARNING! This method with earth and / or clay is not recommended for particularly porous stones, as the clay or earth could stick in the micro-cracks with remote possibility of recovery. This method is good when the stones are not too “discharged”, as it helps them to discharge the accumulated negative energy. Never use hot water as it could crack the crystal, making it lose energy.


With the first level it will be sufficient to give Reiki to our crystal for a period varying from 15 to 30 minutes. With the second level, through the use of symbols, treatment times are shortened to 5/15 minutes.


To all the stones we can sprinkle the sacred smoke of the holy pole or sage for at least 1 minute with rotary movements or with the figure of “8” horizontal, or the infinite, which is one of the main symbols of healing and energy.

Oggi vorrei rivolgermi a coloro che utilizzano i cristalli per terapie olistiche, regressioni, meditazioni ecc e darvi alcuni consigli su come pulirli, purificarli e ricaricarli di energia nuova una volta utilizzati. Tutte queste preziose informazioni mi sono state fornite da Federico Cella, che ringrazio di cuore!


Dopo che abbiamo comprato i nostri cristalli è necessario ripulirli e uno dei metodi fondamentali è con l’elemento acqua. Far scorrere sulle pietre acqua fredda e pulita (l’ideale sarebbe l’acqua pura di un ruscello, ma anche del rubinetto va benissimo) per qualche secondo sulla mano sinistra, poi asciugare con un panno. Facciamo attenzione a non utilizzare questo metodo con tutte le pietre, perchè il contatto con l’acqua può renderne alcune opache e far perdere lucentezza: azzurrite, turchese, crisocolla, cianite. Inoltre queste pietre contengono rame e al contatto con l’acqua potrebbero ossidarsi. Stessa cosa per l’ematite, pirite e la magnetite che contengono ferro, quindi in questi casi ricorrere ad altri metodi sotto elencati.


Mettiamo i cristalli o le pietre in un recipiente di coccio, vetro o legno e copriamo con sale grosso marino. Lasciamoli riposare per una, tre o sette notti (sono tre numeri esoterici – scegliamo in base al nostro sentire il tempo da usare). Fatto ciò poniamo l’intero recipiente sotto un filo d’acqua corrente che lasciamo scorrere per 30min/1H, poi le asciughiamo con un panno di cotone. Se abbiamo purificato delle pietre che non “amano l’acqua” ovviamente le togliamo prima del risciacquo. Questo procedimento non è indicato per: cianite, opale (ama l’acqua ma non il sale), azzurrite, aragonite, selenite, dioptasio e altre pietre molto delicate. Ricordate inoltre di fare attenzione quando purificate gioielli contenenti argento e rame che con acqua e sale si ossidano. ATTENZIONE! LA COMBINAZIONE DI ACQUA E SALE INSIEME PUO’ ESSERE CORROSIVA PER MOLTI CRISTALLI.


Mettiamo il nostro cristallo su una finestra o meglio in un giardino oppure in un vaso di piante o fiori e lasciamolo lì per almeno tre giorni, non è importante ritirarli per la notte. In risonanza con il sole sono perfetti minerali molto scuri legati alla terra come ossidiana, tormalina, diaspro ecc. Facciamo attenzione ai cristalli colorati trasparenti: non esponiamoli alla luce diretta del sole, perché tenderanno a schiarirsi, quindi utilizziamo possibilmente altri metodi per questi cristalli.


Questo è un ottimo metodo non solo per pulire il cristallo ma anche per potenziarlo al massimo di energia. Durante la luna crescente oppure la notte di luna piena mettiamo le pietre vicino alle radici di un albero oppure in un vaso che abbiamo sul balcone, o in mancanza su un panno di cotone e lasciamole li per tutta la notte. Se si vuol potenziare al massimo il cristallo eseguire il trattamento per tutta la fase di luna crescente, riponendo le pietre durante il giorno ad esempio in una scatola, e di maneggiarle il meno possibile. Questo metodo viene utilizzato per purificare e ricaricare le pietre e i cristalli per così dire “femminili”: l’ametista, la pietra di luna, la celestina, opali, crisoprasio (tutti i metodi applicabili a questa pietra), damburite, dioptasio, fluorite (azzurro-violette), kunzite, meteorite, quarzo ialino (tutti i metodi applicabili a questa pietra), in pratica tutte le pietre trasparenti, azzurre, violette o che lavorano sulle emozioni femminili, la sensibilità, i sogni e le percezioni.


Il trattamento più lungo ma anche il più completo consiste nel sotterrare le pietre durante la luna nuova o piena e lasciarli riposare per l’intera fase lunare, ovvero 28 giorni. Con questo procedimento si uniscono le energie di Madre Terra con quelle Celesti. Esistono poi vari tipi di argilla, quella più facilmente reperibile e meno costosa è l’argilla verde ventilata, disponibile in tutte le erboristerie. Mettiamo le pietre in un recipiente di coccio, vetro o legno e le copriamo con l’argilla Per tre, sette, nove o undici notti (sono altri numeri esoterici, scegliamo in base al nostro sentire quale usare). Trascorsi i giorni che abbiamo scelto togliamo l’argilla (che possiamo buttare via o riciclare usandola come terriccio) e mettiamo le pietre in un contenitore pulito, sempre di materiale naturale, lasciando scorrere un filo acqua fresca corrente per circa 1H. Successivamente prendiamo le pietre e le asciughiamo con un panno pulito in cotone. ATTENZIONE! Questo metodo con terra e/o argilla è sconsigliato per le pietre particolarmente porose, in quanto l’argilla o la terra potrebbero attaccarsi nelle micro-fessure con remote possibilità di recupero. Questo metodo va bene quando le pietre non sono troppo “scariche”, in quanto le aiuta a scaricare l’energia negativa accumulata, mai usare acqua calda poichè potrebbe incrinare il cristallo, facendogli perdere energia.


Con il primo livello sarà sufficiente dare reiki al nostro cristallo per un periodo variabile dai 15 ai 30 minuti. Con il secondo livello,attraverso l’uso dei simboli i tempi di trattamento si accorciano a 5/15 minuti.


A tutte le pietre possiamo cospargere il fumo sacro del palo santo o salvia per almeno 1 minuto con movimenti rotatori o a figura di “8” orizzontale, ovvero l’infinito, che è uno dei principali simboli di guarigione ed energia.

Past life regression in Brighton and Hove

Past Life Regression: a journey into your soul’s memories

The belief in reincarnation is as old as humanity and linked to some religions too. It is based on the principle that the soul is immortal and travels through times and bodies, experiencing and learning to progress each time it decides to reincarnate. This will definetely change your attitude towards death, which is then no longer your final destination but the closure of just another chapter in your soul’s journey. But how can you access those previous chapters?

Well, if you think about your soul as an energetic “body” that relates to the physical one in order to connect with life, it becomes easier to imagine that this body can also have memories. Your soul can actually remember images, tastes and smells of what has been experienced before, and those memories are kept in a secret drawer, very hard to access. That’s because although these memories can actually influence our present, our mind doesn’t have the capacity to access them and our brain catalogs them under “unusable information”.

A bit of history

Thankfully with time, a bit of luck and a lot of spirituality and faith, people have managed to access these past chapters. The most common method used is hypnosis.

During a hypnosis session the client falls into an altered state of mind, where her focus moves to different details and her inhibitions are lowered down. Hypnosis always went hand in hand with psychotherapy, and the ultimate example of that is the famous psycho and hypnotherapist Dr. Brian Weiss. He always used hypnosis during his treatments and discovered access to past life memories by luck during a normal psychotherapy session. Dr. Weiss wrote several books about past life regression, such as “Same soul, many bodies” and “Many lives, many masters”. You can find more about his work here.

My personal experience and the role of crystals

Since I was a kid I embraced the spirituality of our world, the belief that there was something more than what we could actually see. I always knew I had lived before. Somehow it was such a “normal” statement in my mind, as simple as saying the sky was blue. It was nearly obvious. But since my path never crossed the one to hypnosis or psychotherapy, I had to wait few more years before I got to know another way to access my soul’s memories. This method is called crystal layout and it is very much connected with Thetahealing, the actual energy healing method I was approaching.

The crystal layout, also called crystal remote viewing, is a technique that induces a deep meditative state. It does so by placing crystals on certain parts of the body. Through that you will connect to the memories of your soul. This deep relaxed state of mind is created thanks to the energetic vibrations of the crystal and your chakras.

A focused and insightful journey

I have experienced this technique myself many times, and what makes it special every time is that the client herself is able to witness, sense and feel her past experiences. She is only guided by the practitioner to focus on some details or moments of that life. It certainly makes the journey through past lives more exciting, involving and drama-less. In fact, during these sessions you are always in control and aware of what is happening. You are never left alone experiencing bad memories, but always guided through by the practitioner.

You should always start your past life regression session with an aim, as you only have 90 mins per session and the first times you may be able to see only one or two lives. Being focused on one objective also helps you in terms of finding out the lives that are really linked to that matter, instead of journeying around in many other lives that have nothing to do with it.

The benefits of past life regression

I bet you are asking yourself now, why try past life regression? What benefits can give to me?

The answer is: nearly countless.

Negative experiences from past lives affecting this lifetime can be detected and resolved. From this starting point, you can solve anything you want that you don’t like in your life. Can’t find abundance in this life? Maybe back in the days you were a poor man that cursed money. Can’t find your soulmate or love? Maybe you were cheated centuries ago and decided you would never trust again a potential partner. And so on.

But there is more. You can also:

  • Bring back knowledge, talents and skills from another lifetime to help you now
  • Break patterns of pain, disease, fears, phobias, negative behaviours
  • Meet again people and souls you met in this lifetime
  • Understand why you have certain unexplained feelings towards a particular country, culture or religion
  • Bring more clarity and love in this life-time and receive spiritual guidance

This amazing technique can really help to overcome blockages and change your life to another magnificient level. If you are a very logical and rational person and find hard to experience this meditative state, it may require a couple more session to proper let go your body and mind. But remember there are no disadvantages in past life regression.

No matter what have brought you to experience this, or how enormous the problem is to overcome, at the end of the session you may receive further healing, but you will always leave refreshed and grounded like a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders.